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On 01/05/2022 at 5:49 PM, Welsh_Bush said:

First time poster in this chat.

I just got plat #98 for mgsv the phantom pain.

But then I also got an auto pop for fall guys. (Didn't realise that was a thing). Was trying to help ny mate boost 5 wins in a row.


Not sure if #99 counts I'll let tu community decide that one.


Have a great say everyone.


PS for future posts (ideally #100) where do people get the plat images from?


I don't know if there's an easier way but what I do for platinum images is:


> Your PSNProfile

> Click on the platinumed game (e.g. Final Fantasy XV)

> Click on the game's platinum trophy (for FFXV it would be The World Wanderer)

> Click on the platinum trophy's image that's right next to the trophy name

> Copy the image's URL

> Click your post's Insert other media dropdown and choose Insert image from URL

> Paste URL and Insert into post




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:platinum: #208 Crown Trick


This is a turn based roguelite, the first of it's kind I've played, and I quite enjoyed it. The graphics are pleasant and were what drew me to the game on the store. There's a decent variety of weapons and spells to use, which lets you play to your strengths to some extent. Story is minimal, as you would probably expect from this type of game, and the progression that does carry over is important, but not obtrusive. You can definitely win early runs without a ton of upgrades. However, there are a few issues. The biggest one is the loading times, which are more significant than you would expect for the type of graphics and game this is, and the other is that due to this game being turn based, your mistakes can screw you, but there's no real ability to turn a sub-optimal set of weapons or spells around with personal skill. All in all, this is very short for a roguelite, and I would definitely recommend it.


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