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 #107 Shadow Warrior


Bought this when it was on sale. I never played a Shadow Warrior game before but I heard this new one was like the recent Doom games. That being said this is no where near as good as Doom. The game itself is just okay. I do wish the game had a proper PS5 version because the game as is looked really blurry. Just buy it when it's on sale.

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#156 - My Name is Mayo 3



Don't mind me, just lower the worth of trophies or whatever. This was a great treat. I feel the stories, up until the final one, weren't as strong as the last game. Still pretty visually engaging. Do recommend, it's a good quick laugh for two bucks.


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:platinum: # 68 My Name Is Mayo- The Third!


Spend Time with the People You Love




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:platinum: #273

My Name is Mayo 3

My Name is Mayo - The Third!



Game of the Decade! 


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52 minutes ago, victorrfuego said:



#154 - Call of Duty: Black Ops III


Difficulty: 8/10

Enjoyment: 8.5/10

Time: 300+ Hours

PSNP Rarity: 0.73%

PSN Rarity: 0.1%


After 6 years and 6 months, I finally decided to go back and claim it. This is the last COD I took more serious than others! It was fun with friends, zombies was at an all time peak, and I loved every minute of it back in the day. Playing it recently I learned the game is still very movement based (of course) and still plays really well. And of course, the zombies being good as well. The trophies I had left were most of the harder story trophies and zombies. The zombies were quick and easy to do, however the story grind for personal decorator did ask for a lot tbh. The gold simulation was hard and the realistic difficult setting was tricky too. I was able to pull through but man, it took a lot off of me. However, it did pay off in the end and I was able enjoy going back and playing this again.


Let's see how MW2 does this fall!

Very impressive! 


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My Name Is Mayo 3


It was probably the best of the trilogy. 


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Ok, I haven't posted anything here since December, so I will only post today's haul... I will probably be working on the actual day, so decided to have my birthday rainday a month early, lol   53 years = 53 platinums (no stacks)


#1358: Donut Break 2  NA
#1359: Donut Break 2 Head to Head  NA
#1362: Halloween Candy Break 2 Head to Head  NA 

#1363: Independence Day Break Head to Head  NA

#1364: The Jumping Burger 

#1365: Oktoberfest Break Head to Head  NA

#1366: Pizza Break Head to Head  NA

#1367:  Space Break 2 Head to Head  NA 

#1368: Sushi Break Head to Head

#1369: Taco Break Head to Head  NA

#1370: Valentine Candy Break Head to Head  NA

#1371: Zippy the Circle Challenge: Levels 5C, 6C, & 7C

#1372: Zippy the Circle Challenge: Levels 11C, 12C, & 13C  NA

#1373: ZJ the Ball Challenge: Level 5C 

#1374: Space Break  NA

#1375: Space Break 2  NA

#1376: Thunderflash  AS

#1377: Halloween Candy Break  NA

#1378: Horror Break

#1379: Ice Hockey: Breakthrough Gaming Arcade

#1380: Independence Day Break  NA

#1381: Mages and Treasures

#1382: Memories of East Coast

#1383: Oktoberfest Break

#1384: One-Eyed Lee and the Dinner Party

#1385: Lord of the Click II  NA

#1386: The Pig D  NA

#1387: Pizza Break

#1388: Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Texas Hold'em  AS

#1389: Pretty Girls Klondike Solitaire  NA

#1390: Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire [Blue]  NA

#1391: Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire [Green]  NA

#1392: Pretty Girls Panic!

#1393: Pretty Girls Panic! PLUS  NA

#1394: Queeny Army

#1395: Quick Mafs  NA

#1396: Taco Break 

#1397: Saint Patrick's Day Break

#1398: Unicorn Break  NA

#1399: Valentine Candy Break  NA

#1400: My Name is Mayo 3 

#1401: Blackberry Honey  NA

#1402: Virtuous Western  NA

#1404: Gardener's Path 

#1405: A Sketchbook About Her Sun 

#1406: The Song Out of Space  NA

#1407: Radioactive Dwarfs: Evil From the Sewers

#1408: The Slovak Run 






1Sfd40c9.png 1S72d5c8.png1S8012ab.png1S37bcd5.png













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