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God of War II



Trophy of Gaia 

Unlock all God of War® II Trophies



might take a break though from playing next GoW games... for the sake of my sanity and controller... toooooo much frustration.....


Very much so! Its a new favorite :D


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:platinum: # 68 


Remember Me 




Remember You Soon 


I found this game to be enjoyable to play but I am glad I didn't pay more than £10 for it. The idea behind the story was an awesome concept but after two playthroughs of this game I'm left feeling this game could of been so much more than just an Ok game :( The combo system in this game is very fun to mess around with once you have learnt and understand the basics behind it. The free running however feels like its a hold your hand copy of the Uncharted series system :( Overall I wouldn't say this was a bad game but there are better games out there that will be much more enjoyable to play :)

Ironically I will probably forget about this game in a few years time :P

Lmao, Remember Me was my 68th platinum as well got it a couple days ago. Anyway congrats on the platinum dood!


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literally just got dbz hd collection  over the weekend and it is conqured. i plat that game like it was nothing. only problem was the tourniments and unlocking some of the characters. but other then that no sweat. also for the record wanna point out this was my fastest plat to date


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