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#53- Beholder - PS4 




:platinum: Government Elite :platinum: 

Unlock all the Trophies in Beholder!


Enjoyment: 8/10

Difficulty (IMO): 5/10

Time: Around 10 to 15 hours

Rarity: 2.8% Ultra Rare (PSN) / 14.10% Rare (PSNProfiles)


Bought this game (and Beholder 2) a while ago because they were recommended to me by a fellow trophy hunter. I really liked the style of this game and had never played a game like this before so I was quite intrigued to start it.


I absolutely loved the whole "sneakiness" of the entire game and the fact you're just a landlord in an incredibly corrupt world that had to spy on your tenants and report actions. You can either choose to be on the side of your tenants and help them or help the government and bust you tenants the second they do something illegal. I've honestly never seen or heard of such a game before so discovering this one so I was very surprised when I started playing it. Such a unique mechanic!


There's a lot of quests that are pretty well "hidden" in the sense that it takes certain actions to trigger them or certain items to initiate them. Without a guide I probably would not have found all of the requirements for the trophies. Especially for the Blissful Sleep trophies (damn all those potions....).


I would definitely recommend this game to people that like a slower paced game and enjoy games where you have to take control of a group of people like you would in Fallout Shelter or This War of Mine. Really fun game with some doable (although sometimes a little tedious) trophies!

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#976 Divination NA ps4


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A Sketchbook About Her Sun (PlayStation 4)



:platinum: About Her Sun

Unlock all the other trophies


Difficulty: 1/10

Time: 40+ Minutes


Screenshot When Earned:




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