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# 454 Life is Strange 2

Enjoyment 4/10

Difficulty 2/10






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#82 Sniper Elite 4 - 3.65% rarity

Absolutely loved this game, still have some DLC trophies to get and I'm going to enjoy every moment of that. My wife has been playing this co-op with me for the past few weeks and I think she's even more addicted to it than I am! Collectibles were a bit of a pain, but if you take your time and examine every bit of the maps, you can do them all pretty easily even without a guide.

Fun: 10/10

Difficulty: Maybe 3/10? The only trophy I really found a bit tougher was the one for surviving 12 waves in a survival match. It wasn't that bad though. Maybe people will find the Authentic Hardcore playthrough tougher but as long as you're patient and understand bullet physics, you should be ok.




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#164 - Risk of Rain 2


Rating/Enjoyment:  10/10

Difficulty:  4/10

Time: 25 Hours

PSNP Rarity: 16.88%

PSN Rarity: 7.5%


Now when I tell you this game is awesome...... there is no denying that, actually its an understatement! This game came outta nowhere because my friends and I wanted to play a game together that was so chaotic and with a "power fest" of abilities to use! Then this game came up and found out it was a rogue-like 4 player co-op experience that was fun from the get go! All the characters are fun and the satisfaction of killing enemies in a fast paced makes the gameplay extremely fluid and responsive. Never had any bugs in the game, except for some menu lag but that's really about it. It is an indie game and definitely looks like one from an outsider approach. However the game excels in the gameplay, music and cooperation which is more than enough to satisfy anyone's needs in a co-op game.I am giving this a 10 mainly because I never got bored and there are so many characters/builds I still haven't tried! Not to mention the game has an addictive gameplay loop, where you keep playing for hours wthout having to stoop. But by then with the amount of items you obtained you basically become a god in the game! Althought the maps be similar every run, the items and characters you play with always make the game unique. The game imo is a timeless classic of a co-op game and knows what audiences it wants to deliver to.


I can't recommend this game enough! One of the most fun co-op experiences I've had along with Deep Rock Galactic!



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:platinum: #392: Great Success



This one came really quick too! Just like Ape Escape, I hadn't touched this game since it's very first Demo, so it's neat to finally play it all these years.


It's a fun puzzle game, though it plays best when using the D-Pad. What stands out to me is the OST. The trophy 


Isn't This Music a Bit "Too Epic" for This Game?



Is the most perfect trophy, because yes it is, and the game is all the better for it! A far cry from the music-less void of the demo.


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:platinum: Full Throttle
Unlock all trophies


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