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Platinum # 222




.Well it's hard for me to talk about Bayo since it's my second time get platinum in it, I love this game so much, from it's witty humor to its over the top...everything, the combat is so much fun I never get tired of perfect parrying and getting that sexy perfect witch time, trophy wise it's pretty simple your standard hack and slash collect this defeat that, nothing overly complicated, to me it was a very nice platinum to get, shame Bayonetta 2 and 3 won't have a PS release I would 100% platinum them.

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platinum #623 Strikers Edge (ps4)

completed in 7 hours and 29 minutes

platinum rarity 11.49% rare

platinum name: Summit Striker

online shutdown date: september 30th 2022


had to get this one in time to save all the squirrels oops i mean online portions to be shut down. i get to go back to atelier sophie and the mysterious book for a few weeks before i begin the remainder of the AC 3 grind (need to do the wolfpack DLC trophy's).


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