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I got the platinum (and some extra content like all bounty hunts) of Super Neptunia RPG on my second playthrough. 


 I usually recommend Hyperdimension Neptunia series for newcomers to JRPG/ARPG genre. Except this game is bad: clunky controls, bugs that soflocks the game in some battles and useless equipments. 


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This is my 8th Platinum in less than two months because of PS+ Extra. This is essentially a kids/family game based on the Ice Age movies. The plot is of essentially collecting four purple looking acorns across maps that are based on the Ice Age movies. The gameplay is simple, platforming takes up most of the gameplay. A majority of your time will be doing collectables across two playthroughs. The game is easy, however has the occasional bugs, the main one for me being following through the map. If you are however looking for something easy and able to do in less than 10 hours or so, give this game a try.


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Plat #183





void tRrLM();++
Obtained all trophies.


So here's a game I've always wanted to play.

I consider ZHP to be one of my favorite games ever, and I'm one of the few with the Guided Fate Paradox plat.

I really liked Nippon Ichi's Mystery Dungeon games, so I wanted to try this one out.


But it did look way more simpler than those games. Like, you don't even increase your base stats when you die in this.

It felt more like a regular Mystery Dungeon game than a NIS one.


But I saw this on sale the other day, and I decided to pick this up.

It was a bit more than what I wanted to pay for, but the PS4 ver was also on sale at half the price, so tbf I could've picked that instead.


But the PS5 ver is nice. It doesn't really do anything different than the ps4 ver, but the load times are really fast in this.

With the activity card, every time I died I could exit the game before the autosave kicked in then come back really fast by using the card.


As far as a mystery dungeon game goes, it's pretty neat.

The maps just look the same, with different colors, which is a bit disappointing.

But at least there's good enough enemy variety, to keep you on your toes.


The whole stuff with the human girl feels a bit pointless.

It's really easy to take care of her, and you have to actually put effort to fail.

Which is a bit of a shame, because seeing the different diseases she can get was pretty fun.


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This is my third platinum.




I'm currently in a backlog challenge. I'm not sure if I'll be able to finish the other two platinums planned by the end of the contest, but I will get them done either way. The next titles are Dragon's Crown Pro and Odin Sphere Leifthrasir.


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:platinum: :124 Maneater Ps4 and 100 percent completion

125 100percent completion Maneater PS5. One bit of advice. FUCK the Atomic Leviathan. Seriously that thing will make you want to eat Semtex. Theres a good video on Youtube by achievement hunter. Follow it, it works. Ignore the one from the kid who claims he beat it in 2 mins. Its impossible he cut sections out of his video.


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Posted (edited)

SpongeBob SquarePants



Neptune's Spatula

Get all the other trophies for this game.


:platinum: 34.37% :platinum:


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