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:platinum:#1,414 PS4 version of Tump Jump


:platinum:#1,415 PS4 version of Monument Journey


:platinum:#1,416 PS4 version of The Jumping Noodles: TURBO



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:platinum: #402: Eternity



Ooo boy, have I been sitting on this one for a long ass time. I think it was one of my earliest PS4 purchases even!


As a game experience, I liked it alright. It's kind of like Spelunker HD, where you take the base gameplay from an antique console, slap a fresh coat of paint on it and ship it out. I don't know, there's just a charm about it I like.


As a platinum experience, if you are willing to sit yourself down with a guide and get it done, it's fairly easy. I mean, it took me only two days of off-and-on playing to finish it all.


The one you got to watch out for isn't the speed run (again, a guide works wonders on that), but the third and final playthrough. It's where every enemy has health like a tank, and the challenge goes from being fair to being bullshit. Contrary to that trophy, I most certainly had enough when I was done. 


But still, it's one trophy, and I'm glad I finished it. 


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platinum #626 Macrotis: A Mothers Journey (ps4)

completed in 19 hours and 55 minutes

platinum rarity 73.27% common

platinum name: Mother Bilby

game genre: puzzle platformer


another game down. next 2 games will be I And Me (ps4) and Monopoly Deal (ps4)


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Posted (edited)

(P) #550

Spirit of the North

Master of Light



  Another one off the backlog!  Nice little puzzle adventure indie game, pretty relaxing but fun gameplay.. just what I needed this weekend!  Recommend for sure.


Played through it blind first run and was able to find all but 5 spirits and 1 monument.  Problem is there's nothing that tracks which monuments you've gotten, so I'd say at least pay attention to that first run, but overall it wasn't too bad doing cleanup afterwards with chapter select.

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