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platinum #636 Trails And Traces: The Tomb Of Thomas Tew (ps4)

completed in 1 hour and 35 minutes

platinum rarity 95.18% common

platinum name: Traced The Trails

easiest way to plat: text guide. point and click adventure


platinum #637 Castle Of No Escape (ps4)

completed in 8 minutes and 24 seconds

platinum rarity 97.95% common

platinum name: Hero Of The Castle

randomized events on squares. really short game.


platinum #638 Clash Force (ps4)

completed in 24 minutes and 13 seconds

platinum rarity 93.54% common

game is forgiving. only sends you to the start of the stage or boss when lose all health.


short and sweet point and click. also finished castle of no escape and clash force in quick fashion. next games will be the first tree (ps4) and cosmos bit (ps4) combining a non-plat with a plat game. 

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40-platinum.pngPlatinum #140 - Unepic




Difficulty: 6/10

Enjoyment: 8/10


What a great game! Unepic is a game developed in Spain, so I always wanted to give it a try (as a Spanish gamer), but time passed and I forgot about it. After Unmetal was released, I remembered this game, bought it a few days ago for 3 € and gave it a try, and I'm so so happy I did it!



Unepic is a metroidvania in which Daniel, the MC, is playing a table RPG with some friends, goes to the bathroom for a moment and is transported to a medieval castle. He doesn't know how did he get there, what is he supposed to do, and just starts exploring. This game is a parody of fantasy games, but it's really well made. Tons of options to customize your role (you can be a mage, you can be an archer, tons of weapons, skills and spells are available, several pets to help you kill the enemies, some quests given by npcs...). The platinum was fun to achieve for 80% of the path; some areas in Hardmode++ (which you have to beat to get the platinum) are just unfair and feel very unbalanced and there are two trophies for killing 5.000 and 10.000 enemies, when you can finish the game playing normally with a total count of 3.000 enemies killed, so... 2-3 hours farming bats to get the 10.000 kills wasn't fun.


If you like metroidvania style games, please consider playing it, it's well worth the money.


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What's Remains of Edith Finch



All Done

Unlock all trophies.


:platinum: 74.70% :platinum:



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