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9 minutes ago, SirDave1988 said:

40-platinum.png #141 - FIA European Truck Racing Championship (PS4)



FIA European Truck Racing Championship
Unlock all trophies


Weird that I have 2 platinums now based on truck racing, yet I've never even seen any of the real life sport, go figure haha, This one was very easy if you have even a modicum of racing knowledge, became a bit of a boring grind towards the end as well.


Difficulty - 3/10

Rating - 5/10







40-platinum.png #142 + #143 - Syphon Filter 2 (PS4 + PS5)




Fantastic Job, Gabe
Unlock all trophies in Syphon Filter 2


I find it mind-blowing still that we can now earn platinums in original PlayStation titles, even if they are infrequent and incredibly easy like this one, the fact that it's even a thing is kind of mad to me still, and really cool. 


Syphon Filter 2 was my favourite of the original trilogy growing up, and still holds up fairly well to this day, a whole 22 years later. I just hope now that we get the 3rd game in the trilogy re-released with trophies at some point.


Difficulty - 5/10

Rating - 8/10




Congratulations man. Is Syphon Filter 2 really 5/10 difficult? 


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6 minutes ago, FeindlicheKrabbe said:

Congratulations man. Is Syphon Filter 2 really 5/10 difficult? 

Thanks pal. Yeah, I gave it a 5, purely because there are some frustrating parts to it, like enemies that can headshot you, flak jackets galore, other enemies that can kill you very easily with explosions and there are some tricky stealth sections also where enemies have amazing perception hardwired to instant alarms/mission failure.


But you can rewind the game and save whenever you want. If you couldn't rewind or save, it might be more like a 6.


Maybe on reflection, it might be more like a 4, maybe 4.5 😂



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:platinum:#34: Spirit of the North: Enhanced Edition



I was debating between playing this, Spider Man: Miles Morales, or Stray first. I think I may have made the right call getting this one out of the way first rather than saving it for last. This is a good example of graphics not being everything. Sure this game looks beautiful, but the wonky controls at times along with basically needing a video guide to get all the collectibles made this game more of a short slog rather than an enjoyable experience. (I’m mainly talkin to you Chapter 7! 🤬)




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:platinum: #643 - Lost Planet 3 :platinum:


Single player campaign was actually pretty entertaining for a game from 2013. Mp was just another grind.


Enjoyment: 6.5/10

Difficulty: 6/10

Time: 30-40 hours




:platinum: #644 - Deathloop :platinum:


Was not a fan it was just too repetitive for my liking. It did though have some cool weapons and abilities. Story was bad and characters were even worse just not interesting. I found Cole and Julianna extremely annoying. 


Enjoyment: 4/10

Difficulty: 3/10 

Time: 25-30 hours



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40-platinum.png #39



40-platinum.png Jesse Victorious
Completed Minecraft Season 2


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