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Platinum #117 and 100% DLC

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow







Personal Difficulty: 6/10 for base game, 7/10 for DLC

Fun: 7/10

Time to Platinum + 100%: 40 hours (33 hrs base game, 3 hrs for Reverie DLC, 4 hrs for Resurrection DLC)

PSNProfiles Rarity: 10.43% Platinum, 2.60% for 100% completion


A brilliant reboot of Castlevania that takes a completely different direction in gameplay compared to the classic titles. The side-scrolling action platformers and metroidvania gameplay is replaced with a 3D hack and slash, very similar to the original God of War games. Some bosses play out like bosses from Souls games (where a more patient and methodical approach is required as opposed to mashing the attack button) and a handful of bosses are even heavily inspired from Shadow of the Colossus (more on this later). The game comes with its flaws though, hence the 7/10 fun rating, which I'll break down below.


The good:

  • Interesting, captivating, lore-heavy story. Not surprising considering Kojima Productions were involved.
  • Incredible graphics for a 2010 game on the PS3 that hold up quite well to today's standards.
  • Great voice acting and cutscenes.
  • Satisfying combat (where it works properly, I'll explain more below).
  • A lot of different environments and enemies that require different approaches; some enemies are weaker/more resilient to certain attacks or items which brings in more strategy rather than just mindless hack and slash.
  • A lot of interesting and cool puzzles to solve.

The bad:

  • Performance. The game is supposed to run at 1080p, 60fps. The amount of frame drops and slowdown I had almost ruined the experience, resulting in many dropped inputs or input lag. After locking the PS3's video output to 720p, the game ran slightly better although performance issues still popped up but not as frequently. This definitely made some points of the game harder than it needed to be.
  • The camera...dear God the camera is horrible. You have no control over it, and the sudden change in camera angles when walking/fighting in certain areas is a big issue.
  • The three boss fights in the base game inspired by Shadow of the Colossus. They're tedious, boring and completely break the flow of the game. Not to mention the climbing mechanics in the game are incredibly slow and falling off means you're pretty much starting from scratch.
  • While the combat is satisfying, the controls are quite loose (think original God of War from 2005 but worse). Coupled with frame drops and dropped inputs, you can see why this could lead to some frustration.
  • The DLCs felt incredibly rushed. The final fight in the second DLC against The Forgotten One on Paladin difficulty...let's just say most of my time in the second DLC were spent here.
  • The DLC is region-locked, despite there being no region stacks on the PS3. I have the US version disc and bought the first DLC from the Australian store not knowing they're not compatible, so I had to make a US account to purchase the DLC again.

Overall, I'd say it's still a very good game, despite its flaws. This is the sort of game that would greatly benefit from a remake, but we all know Konami has pretty much forgotten about Castlevania. Recommend to anyone who loves a good action game and a good challenge!






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That was a very nice artistic experience, i really like the hand draw black and white hand  environments and that fantastic sound effects. Color was only used in some key moments which was very nice touch along with the handling of the theme of ''unfulfilled promises"



Hope the developers have fixed their relation with their mother and Teddy a big thank you.





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