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#94 - Telling Lies



I didn't enjoy it - I had trouble getting into it and I found it very confusing. 


I tried making sense of it all but I lost interest pretty quickly and just used a guide. The videos I bothered watching mostly had a pretty depressing vibe. It just wasn't my kind of thing.


It's on PS+ so at least I didn't pay anything for it!


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#45 My Aunt is a Witch- My Aunt is a Witch Platinum (PS Vita)


The art and animation is very cute and beautiful however this probably had to be the most frustrating platinum to get this year simply because the PS Vita version of this game is a buggy mess.

I was lucky as to not have my saves deleted like others did but it crashed multiple times and there are only six save spots so I had to do sections over and over.

Many times the background was just blue and all that was on the screen was the UI.

I do not recommend this version unless you have the physical version which I think does not have these bugs. Stick to the PS4 release.

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30 minutes ago, disaster500 said:

#53 Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus


I can't believe it, I did Mein Leben on my second attempt. I died the first time making a stupid mistake and then I got insanely lucky and did the whole thing. I barely didn't die on the final fight as well.


The game is absolutely amazing though, the guns feel great to shoot, the levels are really cool, the story is pretty decent too. Maybe if I had a "true" Mein Leben experience it would've been painful, but as it stands it was some of the most fun I've ever had getting a platinum. Highly recommend this (even if you don't go for platinum), as well as The New Order and The Old Blood.


Link to video of final fight, incase anyone wants to watch me almost lose right at the end:

Congrats! That video was super entertaining to watch! I’m not built for this platinum, but I really like hearing about others completing it!


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