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15 hours ago, ShinySpidey said:

Click on the game on your profile, then on the platinum and select "copy image". Come here and paste it

Thanks. Will do next time!


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10 hours ago, Elvick_ said:

Platinum #254

Star Wars Episode I: Racer


Now THIS is podracing
Earn all trophies.


Didn't intend to play this, but I wanted a physical copy of Republic Commando one of my favorite SW games and this was with it so why not? I did play it way back in the day at a friend's house for awhile. I don't think I liked it, but hey. :P It's alright. I wish they put any effort at all into the trophy images. You really couldn't at least use some character renders. I'd even take some hideous ingame character models rather than reusing the banner image for every trophy...

Anyway, other than one track "Abyss" the game was ranging between boring (first cup) or decently fun. Abyss was unnecessarily hard considering nothing else is even close to it. You can die a thousand times on every other track, but this one if you fall off a specific spot and end up off the main course you're going to lose no matter what you do. It's stupid. But I did it in the end. 

I don't have much to say other than the draw distance kind of dampens things a bit. Maybe at a lower framerate it wasn't as bad back in teh day to handle processing what's coming at you at high speeds, I don't know, but it felt like I was just playing bumper cars half the time. And I really don't understand how the part mechanics work in terms of repairs/damage they take. But I guess you don't have to understand to get the plat. *shrug* 

Another on the backlog down. This made me want to pick back up two other common plats of racing games. Beach Buggy Racing or something to that effect, and... some Jetski Racing game. Maybe I can do it now. The former requires driving an insane amount of distance though as I recall, and I'm awful at both for some reason in these 'easy' games, but who knows. 

Just an fyi if you want to do beach buggy racing you’ll need to pick up the EU version because that got patched to lower the amount of distance and coins needed overall and the NA version never got that patch. It’s literally a 50+ hour difference between stacks.


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14 hours ago, Valzentia said:

:platinum: #123 - Pinball Heroes (PS4)


Difficulty: 2/10 (for me)

Fun: 10/10


So glad we have a pinball game with a platinum that isn't shovelware

While they aren’t as deep or nuanced as Zen (or Farsight even), the Super PowerUp Pinball games are worthy of playing.  Check them out if you haven’t.  Definitely not Shovelware.



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