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My last platinum was Gun Crazy, it was a really easy like 1/10 platinum. 


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Platinum #256

Santa's Xmas Adventure


Santa Claus is coming to town!
Collect all of Santa's trophies


Typing this up pre-Christmas~ but Merry Christmas from the past (10th specifically).

This was not what I expected, in a bad way. I expected a relatively simple and short sliding puzzle game. In reality it was overly long and so horribly ported to console that it outright doesn't work. Specifically the moving puzzles. I can't imagine how you are able to actually move the pieces fast enough to finish a lot of these levels normally. Santa walks so fast at best I could get 3 spaces moved, but some require 4 or more moves. How it works is you have to cursor over a piece, click x, then move it. The cursor is then put back to where the piece was previously, so you have to move the cursor again all while Santa tries to end his existence. It's a nightmare.

Mercifully, the "hint" system works more like "show me how to finish" and prevents you from failure. Santa won't move without it. You get a hint for 10 minutes of 'play' time, so enjoy idling to finish 240 of these turd puzzles. In addition, by the way, there are turn limits on these puzzles which is silly to me.


Plus, there's the added soft locking the game will do on these levels. Sometimes when you finish playing normally the game will both succeed and fail the puzzle, and the menu will be stuck on screen. Forcing you to close and reopen the game. Fun~

The main puzzles of getting 3 presents is actually fun, the second set is mainly just turn restricted and I'm not a fan of that honestly. And the balancing is so random. Some upper 100s have 3 turns and are piss easy. It makes no sense.

I thought it would be a neat little game to try out for Christmas, but luckily I checked the list and realized it had 720 fucking levels to do so I had to start it early. No way you could complete that in a day. whee sdfo


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No use hiding it, it was a pretty cheap platinum haul this Christmas. Alot of the games I started couldn't be completed in time on my schedule, so I had to rely on shovelware.




:platinum: #430: Sugar King



Pink platinums are pretty cool.




:platinum: #431: Christmas Break 2 Head to Head maste






:platinum: #432: Merry Christmas




But oh well, keeping tradition of being active on the holidays at least.


Hope all your holidays were great!!





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:platinum: #125 - Saints Row: The Third Remastered (PS5)


Difficulty: Autopop/10

Fun: 10/10 when I actually play it


My first PS5 plat! It's an autopop. I don't regret it.


:platinum: #126 - Among Us (PS5)


Difficulty: Partial autopop/10

Fun: 7/10


Autopopped the sussy baka game too cause i'm lazy.


:platinum: #127 - Legends of Talia: Arcadia (PS5)


Difficulty: Visual novel/10

Fun: I skipped the text/10




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