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a.k.a. Moorhuhn Kart 2 in Germany

(PS5 version)


My collection of Moorhuhn platinum trophies is complete, with the 12th and final one being a bare-bones kart racer. To be more precisely, it is the Playstation port of the Switch version of an "enhanced" Moorhuhn Kart 2, first released on PC in the mid-2000s. What you get is a total of eight tracks and seven drivers, with less than ten pick-up items, with 90s Techno music and awful graphics.


This is what shovelware was in the 2000s, especially for the Wii. Big name (the Moorhuhn franchise had a hype in Germany at the beginning of the new millenia) and cheaply made by the dozen. It's not a good game and it doesn't run smoothly at all. Nobody would pick this over a Team Sonic Racing, for example. It's overpriced and offers very little content.


Moorhuhn's 12 games consist of 8 shooting galleries (4 for PS4 and PS5 each), the shortwhile entertaining Treasure Hunt and this terrible game. I cannot recommend it even at a discount.


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