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11 minutes ago, PotrikBerger said:

Cool beans guy, your help was invaluable!


i think difficulty of these games is a bit subjective....I think I mean that the more you play them, the less difficult they seem. I can’t really say there is too much difference in the difficulty level, maybe dark souls 3 has the harder boss, just...maybe one of them I seem to remember I had to retry a few times, but in either game I can’t think of being stuck on one boss in the way I was with bloodborne. If you found this one ok, I can’t see you having any trouble with DS3 though. The grind is far far worse though. Far worse.


Sekiro is a bit different. I’ve tried more than once to play and get into that game, but I just can’t. And it’s nothing to do with the parrying etc, which, with a bit of practice does start to feel flowing. It’s not the same system as the From Soft games in terms of how you parry in those. I really can’t put my finger on what it is, but for me it has none of the magic and mystery of the other From Soft games I’ve played. It never pulls me in, the enemies all look pretty much the same, nowhere near as much choice with weapons and how to attack, its rather stealthy, maybe that’s something that sets it apart...I don’t unpopular an opinion as this may be, for whatever reason I find this game boring to play. Something stops me from engaging with it. I really can’t put my finger on exactly what it is. I’ve never managed to play it more than an hour or so at a time and ultimately I end up in something else. I’m defintely, definitely in the minority though, so would still urge you to check it out.

Yeah I've felt the same way the more I've gone through and played these titles in full. I don't mind grinding so much as getting stuck on bosses forever that are seemingly impossible to me. I only ever had that problem with 'Bloodborne' so might jump to DS3 sooner rather than later. Thanks for that response!


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#101 & 102 - 7 Days of Rose




By the standards of these short visual novels, this was mostly a really nice one.


It looks good, it has some catchy music and the story has a lot of sweet and funny moments.


Unfortunately, I really didn't like the direction the story went in right at the end. 



Out of nowhere, it was revealed that Rose was really depressed and was walking into the ocean to drown herself. After talking to her, she then found a reason to keep living, which was to destroy her family and get revenge for their bad treatment of her (which had been very vaguely mentioned through the story). It was very awkward and clumsy - it approached a delicate subject in a really strange way.


It was a major shift in tone and really finished the story on a bad note.


Up until that, I was extremely happy with it. I was going to play the PS4 version in a few weeks/months to enjoy it again and get an extra platinum, but the last part just left a bad taste in my mouth so I autoskipped through it so I could just get rid of it.


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