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My latest platinum is destiny                                                                    


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Got the Borderlands 2 plat/100% like a week ago. Good times, now if only I could stick with it and finish the pre sequel also.


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:platinum: #92: Devil May Cry 2 HD



Platinum Trophy 

Unlock all trophies


After getting the :platinum: for DMC1, I expected this game to be just as hard as DMC1, but nope. Compared to DMC1 this game was a joke. Must Die Mode (Hardest Difficulty) wasn't even hard. I didn't even die, not once. Also a playtrough took roughly 2 hours to complete. On one side I'm glad that they're that short because to get :platinum: you have to do 5 playtroughes (I hate multiple playtroughes, it gets repetitive and boring). On the other side: 2 Hours for a playtrough is IMO way too short. The character I loved the most was Trish. Her Devil Trigger powers were way too over powered, which was nice :D. (I killed a boss in 5 seconds, can you imagine?) :awesome: I'm glad I got the PAL version, because PAL version users can use Infinite Devil Trigger  :yay:. Thanks to that, reaching floor 9000 was a piece of cake.



Oh damn you're lucky. I have NA version and it was hell. Died at around the 4500 floor and had to restart that shit.

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