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Most recent Plat OLLIOLLI 2 Acadamy Award.



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#161-Assassin's Creed Liberation HD


Well I actually liked this game a lot more than a lot of people did. I swore off AC games after the second one, but this one was on sale and it didn't have any online stuff so I picked it up to see if the series progress at all since 2010.


The annoying "run up walls instead of around them" feature is still here but the combat seems better (I couldn't just mash :square: to win every battle this time around) and the collectables (while still too many) were easy enough to find.


The story was...whatever...and the voice acting was..."french" but there wasn't anything terrible offensive about either.


Where this game REALLY lost points with me was in the near game breaking glitch I had where when I tried to change costumes the screen went black. If I paused it the colour came back but in the actual game it was black again. I restarted my ps3 and it was still happening :( I solved it by discovering in Eagle mode you can see and by fast travelling and then completing some missions I was able to get it to revert back to normal.


Also I read (before starting) that if you activate the UPlay Connor quest before starting you would need to beat that for 100% so I ignored that feature and just beat the game. Well the plat didn't pop so I had to load up UPlay (which shuts off the game) and download the Connor quest and beat it and plat popped. SO my question is, if that quest is needed for the Plat and it doesn't cost anything...why don't they just include it in the game and not make you guess how to get it. I should never have to exit out of the game to get the platinum...that is just dumb.


So in the end, fun title for 8 bucks, but it hasn't sold me on the AC franchise again.


I have to say I also quite enjoyed this although I didn't encounter the glitches you did. I would definitely recommend AC3, the combat system is the same and the story is brilliant in that!!


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                                                                                                           53 - Shadow of the Colossus HD


                                                                                              :platinum: Wander and the Colossus - Acquired all trophies


Sometimes games convey feelings and emotions that transcend gaming itself and reach further. Wander's journey in Shadow of the Colossus is a perfect example of this, a beautifully told story that makes you feel empowered through several moments of the purest epicness. A gem of a soundtrack and boss battles that honor the title of 'boss', a wonderful and loyal companion and an honorable goal; it all comes together in the wonderful run towards this ultra rare platinum trophy. That been said, Wander shakes way too much in the PS3 version, and a couple time trials can be extremely frustrating (*cough* GAIUS *cough*), but other than that, a breathtaking journey that no gamer should miss out on xD


So proud of mah friend Omar


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