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                                                                                                           53 - Shadow of the Colossus HD


                                                                                              :platinum: Wander and the Colossus - Acquired all trophies


Sometimes games convey feelings and emotions that transcend gaming itself and reach further. Wander's journey in Shadow of the Colossus is a perfect example of this, a beautifully told story that makes you feel empowered through several moments of the purest epicness. A gem of a soundtrack and boss battles that honor the title of 'boss', a wonderful and loyal companion and an honorable goal; it all comes together in the wonderful run towards this ultra rare platinum trophy. That been said, Wander shakes way too much in the PS3 version, and a couple time trials can be extremely frustrating (*cough* GAIUS *cough*), but other than that, a breathtaking journey that no gamer should miss out on xD


So proud of mah friend Omar


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Rattled off 4 in quick succession this month:


Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Pixeljunk Shooter: Ultimate

Batman Arkham Asylum



Fully enjoyed all of them. Pixeljunk Shooter and Crysis were nice surprises as I didn't know much about them.


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Resogun platinum in about 5 hours and 13 minutes. Why there isn't a way to see the fastest platinum achievers, only the 100%? 


Also, respecting the 100% club, it should only count the time when you're actually playing the game, because there's people who just don't  have time to play 24/7  but still would like to try get on the top of the fastest achievers . Anyone with the same opinion?


Resogun platinum difficulty:5/10 ; Enjoyment:8/10.

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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood for me. AEOTM trophy was holding me back for such a long time because of Extreme Variety, but I finally got it today :-)

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