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40-platinum.png #48 - LEGO Lord Of The Rings (PS3)



One Ring to build them all. 

Collect every trophy.


My first LEGO platinum and probably not my last as it was a lot of fun, if a little grindy at times.


This game was awesome, because it reminded me how great the Lord Of The Rings trilogy of movies was as I hadn't seen them in a long time and it does a good job of reminding you how epic it was with the original music and the voice acting, but it also manages to throw in some of the LEGO silliness that we know without overdoing it.


The platinum was pretty easy to do, although I do recommend using a guide if you have trouble finding some of the Mithril Bricks or Mini-kits as some of them can be quite confusing to obtain. However, if you are a fan of LEGO or Lord Of The Rings or both, I'd highly recommend playing this.


I highly recommend some of the other Lego games. They do get grindy in terms of collecting things, but they are fun. I'm currently trying to platinum Lego Jurassic World and have plated Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4, Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7, and Lego Pirates of the Carribean.


Onto the actual topic sorry guys. 


#25 - Vortech's Bane

Lego Dimensions - This game was a complete blast. And the platinum wasn't too taxing or boring like most other Lego games can get towards the end.

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I know every character in that pic except the old lady the enters the picture....


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