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Complete all Trophies.



This imo one of the best games PsPlus has offered so far. Ultra addictive and very fun to play.


When I first started this game I was completely trashy and never thought I'd be able to clear it, but the more I played, the more I understood its mechanics and how to play efficiently.


One of the DLC trophies required me to play extensive hours to upgrade everything, but it served the perfect purpose for practicing more and more.


In the end, I'm happy to say I could solo lvl 12 missions against both the Illuminati and Bugs on any planet type. Cyborgs not quite. They were the most troublesome race imo.


Overall a boring grind but a great experience. I absolutely recommend this game to anyone.


Difficulty: At first, 7/10, later 4/10.


Enjoyment: 9/10


P.S: A word of advice: There aren't many players nowadays so progress is really slow. There are three 3 event trophies which require the entire community effort and that is the last thing that has been happening. They might take quite some months to get at this rate, so you have been warned.


Way to go :) You beat me to the getting the Plat today


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Way to go :) You beat me to the getting the Plat today


Oh for real? I should have messaged ya and come to an agreement for a time to post both of ours haha.


I can only say an early gratz to ya for now :( But hey, we have fun :D


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Table Top Racing: Dubstep Tour


:platinum: TTR Legend!


Face it, I have already come up with a better name for this game then the developers did. How is 4 variations of 4 different tracks a "World Tour" and these are table tops your racing on nonetheless. At the very least, call it something accurate like Table Top Racing: Next Generation or TTR 2. I felt like Dubstep Tour was fitting though because





There was too much dubstep for me to handle. It would've been okay if it was fitting like it was in the WipEout games but wow the more I listened to it the more I wanted to go jump off a cliff. It would've been cool if the developers had just owned up to how much they overloaded this game with dubstep by adding an epic announcer voice, much much more action and MLG and stoner jokes but there were none so it's just out of place.


Okay, enough dubstep; The actual game is okay. It's not a very deep racer (and far much easier than the original TTR) The visuals and lighting effects were okay and at the very least they fixed the rubberband AI that would obtain speeds even they couldn't handle that was in the original TTR. Still, It's not a very good game; it's just a racing game that doesn't do anything special to really go above and beyond (besides the dubstep) what so many other racers have already accomplished.



Difficulty: 3/10

Enjoyment: 7.8/10 (-too much dubstep)


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