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Madden NFL 17


This one is certainly a little easier than previous years, as there aren't trophies in MUT where you have to win or make a Super Bowl in a season.  So, folks don't have to worry about boosting and potentially being banned for doing so this year.  The Good on Paper :gold:  is definitely the hardest, as you have be lucky in the players you can choose.  This trophy does get much easier as the season progresses, though.  More content/better players will come and the base collection is more solid.  In due time, drafting an 83 team will be considered a poor one.


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:platinum: #37 - Tomb Raider: Legend


Master of Tomb Raider: Legend



I had played this years ago when I had first gotten my XBox 360 and I remember enjoying it at the time. Unfortunately this game has not aged well at all. The PS3 version looked really bad, compared to the 360 version, which I remember looking much better graphically. Anyway, it was fun for what it was and a pretty simple & easy Plat. Busy playing through the PS3 trilogy and next going to give Anniversary & Underworld a go. Then onto TR Definitive, before I get into Rise.

the Xbox 360 and PC version was developed together and been given a "next-generation" updated graphics and special effects at the time, there was actually no purely ps3 version, the one on ps3 is in fact an HD Remaster of the ps2 version which explain why the 360 version looked far much better.


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gone a while without one then popped two this weekend


#23 Driveclub - will continue to work on the DLC packs

#24 Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition


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