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Yes, it's much easier that way :)


Follow the video in the trophy guide here in PSNP, the video show you the perfect map and the perfect garden to choose inside that map cause there's a fantastic spot to shoot at the enemies from a higher ground, you can only be damaged by foot soldiers because they have the rocket jump. So basically you can control the waves coming and kill some enemies and wait to shoot them when they are close to the garden. You must be careful in boss waves cause disco zombies and the vampire one can reach you, the yeti and the big guys can't, even though the yeti is annoying cause is always throwing spears and there's one big guy that have a lase hammer instead of the normal hammer...


Like I said I made it with the Berry Shooter, remember to go with the super jump, normal gatling and you can use the sombrero bean cause deals more damage. The plants it's mostly about gatling pea, bamboo shoot and heal flower (just one when you have an empty vase and you need to heal yourself).


Important: Complete the last wave and have at least 2 revives (maximum is 3 so you can revive yourself once during the 10 waves and have 2 just in case to reach the escape zone), why? You will find yourself under fire during more than 1 minute, the escape time is 2 minutes? I am not sure actually, I don't remember... anyway this 2 revives will help you to reach the escape zone, cause reaching the escape zone can be a certain game over if you don't have any revives and you die. You want to reach the escape zone or at least try to get close to the escape zone so you can reach it in time, if you die you can use the time to revive yourself this means that you just revive yourself in the last second, so you can waste 20 seconds right there, if you have 2 revives, in case of another death you can have 40 seconds, that's enough time wasted to reach the escape zone with 10 seconds on clock and keep yourself alive with a chili bean ready until you are rescued. Best spots to "hide" waiting to escape are on the left side of the map under some tree roots in a higher ground or on the right side where's some higher ground too (this last one have in the sea side a lower ground, just a little bit but is enough to hide), because this can be a little abstract if you don't know the map that they show in the video, this notions of left and right are when you imagine a line from the garden you planted to the escape zone, on the middle will exist a huge rock, right? now if you have some difficulties trying to understand where is this "wait spots" climb that huge rock, look to the escape zone and now look to your left and to your right xD this can seems stupid but I died once while waiting for dave... and it's painful ahahah btw you can explore the map before pick a garden so do it, take your time to see what's best for your plan :P


And that's it, can take some tries to get used to :)

Any questions send a PM :P


Wow that's a great and perfect description of what to do, thank you so much Demons! I'll try it later then, i honestly didn't thought it could be done alone, i thougth it wa simpossible but you say it's even easier xD

Thanks for all the Advice and luckily i got the Super Jump yesterday then :P Still no sombrero bean so i hope the normal one is enough. Thansk for you great reply, i'll write you in a PM then if i have some troubles :D


Completing Garden Ops on Crazy difficulty is actually easier solo because less enemies will spawn. There's also quite a few videos out there showing some really good strategies on various maps. One tip I would suggest is making sure all of your potted plants are being used and replanting as needed in between rounds. Keep in mind that some potted plants are better to use than others. Reinforcement packs are very inexpensive so buy a bunch and go for it!


Thanks for the Reply STFUxD i'll keep that in mind trying :)


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Bioshock remastered for me!


It's the third time i have 100%/plat'ed this game now but i enjoy it more every time!


Rating: 9/10

Difficulty: 5/10 - 3/10 if using work around (but i wouldn't bother)

Enjoyment: 11/10 - yeah, i know...


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My most recent Platinum Trophy is Uncharted: Drake's Fortune from the Nathan Drake Collection! Anyone, feel free to add me on PSN (:


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