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#102: EyePet & Friends





Completed in 5 months, 22 hours, 22 minutes

Platinum rarity: 13.00%

Platinum difficulty: 3/10

Personal rating: 1/10


I bought this game to play with my son, but even him thought it was an awful game. Don't buy this game!


I love EyePet. D:

Definitely not for everyone... though I preferred the first game to Friends, which is why I haven't even platinum'd it yet.



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40-platinum.png#78 - Rise of the tomb raider

One of the games i had been hoping to get 100% before the end of the year, was undoubtedly this one!

For those who know me well TR is one of my favorite games since the old PS1!

Although i have already played ROTR on xbox one but i never tried to get 100% now it's done :D

Regarding the previous game, i consider RISE a superior TR game, with more game modes capable of holding a player for a few weeks like endurance or even score mode !

This game is a bit more challenging than the previous one but nothing that a little dedication make the difficulty a little easier :)

I have spent a lot of time on rise now it's time to help Agent 47 on some missions :)



Congrats! I need to plat my TR and ROTTR, but Lego Dimensions calls my attention (with its consecutive game crashes...) Have to say, Rise, Uncharted 4, and Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, have been my favorite games this year :D


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#227 and #228 Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 for PS4 and Darksiders Warmastered Edition for PS4. Both of these I had already earned the platinum for on the PS3 but I enjoy the Lego games a lot so I didn't mind playing it again. As for Darksiders I enjoyed this a lot on PS3 so I really wanted to play it again, the only thing I was very disappointed with was there was a massive glitch with the Battle Hardened trophy (obviously it has been fixed) it would constantly reset your scythe experience level anytime you changed from the two different scythes in the game. So basically up until yesterday, no one could obtain the platinum. I noticed they also fixed a couple other glitches with the most recent patch (There was a few moments where the audio didn't sync up properly with the video) But I am hoping that enough people buy this remastered edition so they will finish the final two horsemen. Obviously if you enjoy the lego games then you should pick up the remastered collection (I don't really have anything to sell it to you because all Lego games play pretty much the exact same) but as for Darksiders. Now that it has been patched, if you enjoy God of War style games with an awesome story line, I definitely recommend this game.


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Assassins Creed II of the Ezio Collection for PS4

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