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4 hours ago, Viscera1900 said:


I think the reason why the platinum is UR; It's because Episode 1 is/was free on PS Store, so I can imagine that many non-trophy hunters have downloaded it to try it. I think you can still earn trophies from free Episode 1...


That too, but remember that the vita version is also ultra, so the "elite" stated still stands. 

3 hours ago, Floriiss said:

That makes a lot of sense. Good thinking. Didn't really thought about that :P



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#5 - Bloodborne (+100%)

My first PS4 platinum. When I took PS4 I was about to took that game mostly because some time ago I did plat on demon's souls, which I have really liked. I wanted to pick PS4 Soul like game, but did not want to play Dark Souls II (based on reviews) and III (I am waiting for disk GOTY edition), so I took it. I really liked that game, it was like going for replay just after finishing game. 


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