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23 hours ago, Greenshyguy said:

#71 - :platinum: Perfect Storm Master    


Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4


Overall, a pretty straightforward  & enjoyable trophy. Getting a S rank on some missions were a pain (I couldn't work out why I'd get A rank one go, then S rank the next with near identical performance). The fighting animation & cut scenes are also top notch.


If I had one complaint, it'll have to be the free roam missions which felt more like a chore.



#72 - :platinum: Trophy Complete
You have obtained all trophies




Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness


Your typical visual novel. Anyone thinking of attempting this platinum be warned ... the story related trophies are fairly straightforward but you need "points" to purchase all the "picture" & "scene" contents. The only way to get points is by playing the mini game which is a massive grind.



Currently working towards the platinum for "Nioh" & "Final Fantasy XV". Not entirely sure what I'll aim to get for the 75th platinum milestone yet - perhaps Horizon Zero Dawn :)




Only conditions for S-Rank are   90 health AND perfect QTE. 


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23 hours ago, snakebit10 said:

:platinum: #206

Modern Warfare Remastered


Just Another Day at the Office



I have wanted to play this since I had played the other 2 in the series. I never got to play it last gen. They did an amazing job on the remaster and I think this is how all remasters should be done.


If anybody seen my almost daily status updates since I was trying for Best of the Best and Mile High Club knows how much trouble I had. Any other game I would of took a break from but for some reason I couldn't put this down. Yes they were both challenging but I had a blast trying to get them. When I finally did beat Mile High Club it froze on me when it was going make to the title screen and my trophy didn't pop and I had to do Mile High Club again and It still took a while to beat it again.  When I finally didn't this time dare I say it almost seemed like a piece of cake.


As for the whole game I really enjoyed it and the campaign was just enough challenging. Standard Call of Duty on Vet. Some troublesome spots but nothing to bad. It is those 2 trophies that hikes the difficulty up.


I will include my video for Mile High Club here. I wouldn't use this as a guide though because my squad helped a great deal in this run and I messed up on one part but managed to still beat it.




A similar aeroplane's interior like that appeared in Modern Warfare 3! :o


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Got it in like 2h with walkthrough, free platinum ;)


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Platinum #77 - Chip off the Old Block [PS4]

Minecraft: Story Mode




Not going to lie...this was good story. That and it reminded me allot of Code Monkey that used to be G4. That life anyone remembers that show...let along that station before started to suck!!!! That and I felt like there was another Lee moment from "The Walking Dead," with Gabriel. So glad it didn't tho.


Platinum # 78 - Vector Sigma Victory [PS4]

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron 



I know that made that "MP Online is Dead," thread awhile back but I like to thank: Devotor, MATTKBAN, Mindtrash_USA, Boostin24L and HyperDog22021997 for helping me with MP online trophies. So I am giving ya'll created for helping me out.  That and most importantly this make this make 4800th trophy!!!!

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:platinum: #14 - Dragon Ball Xenoverse (PS3)




It was sooooooo hard and boring to drop some skills.... but finally I got this platinum :D ! I won't play DBX2 now, I need to take a break lol. I don't know what will be my next game ! I still miss a trophy in Raging Blast but it's so haaaaard....

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