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#29 for Dark Souls 3. Got it awhile ago but it didn't save the plat image right just the last trophy I got. 


I should have held off trying to plat until all the DLC came out because now I'm starting off a new character for my final playthrough to go through the DLC


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:platinum: Platinum #132/3: Dying Reborn (PS4/Vita)




Easy 1-2 hour platinum. Surprised to see a First Person type of game for the Vita. Vita version has some small alterations. Great to see them make it work on the platform.


The game is not cross-buy, there is a bundled version at least. 


The story was meh, could not care less about the dude plight. The phoned in voice acting did not help either. You will either laugh or cry....when listening to it. Some Puzzles were difficult, thankfully there is a guide for the PS4 version. Vita version is 90% similar....has 1-2 different puzzles and actions.

Pleasure: 8/10

Difficulty: 2/10

Rating: 6/10


Thanks, @Gilgam for helping me out when I was stuck. 


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I just realized I posted this in the wrong thread. delete

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