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So, now that I've read that the platinum is obtainable again...


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I really want to platinum this game (haven't started it yet but had it on 360), I was going through the trophy list and remembered that "Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie" has to be given by a Rockstar employee I think. So, my question is, is that specific trophy still obtainable? I find it hard to imagine Rockstar people still playing this.




Update: I've just read that it can also be obtained by killing a player who obtained it first so, I'm guessing that's far more common, right?

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Yes it is still obtainable. Someone who killed a Rockstar employee got the trophy and the person who killed the person who killed the employee then got the trophy and :blah:

*20 years later*

So now you only need to kill someone who has the trophy, which 99.9% of the people still playing GTA IV has the trophy, so it is really easy to obtain.

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I was surprised to see 8 random people join me when I went on GTA IV multiplayer the other day. Lucky for me I have all these trophies out of the way though, if anyone is desperate for a boosting partner I'm happy to help.

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There's something I've been wondering about... Was this patch REALLY done by Rockstar? I mean, it's not the first time Sony has to step up and attempt to fix other companies fuck ups, like Bayoneta's port done by Sega,

Wondering about this, simply because I cannon find a change log related to this new 1.08 patch on their website.

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My copy of the game must not want to grow up and be better.  I checked for updates, and I was given the "The latest version is installed" message.  Version 1.02 is most definitely not the latest version available.

do you complete edition? if so that is the latest version.

i know because that is what i have.

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I know people who have the complete edition such as myself, and also people who have the normal version and we all the latest patch.

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