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Decent, easy plat but so boring


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I played the original and it was really good. This one is okay, the length is indeed 4 hours but so boring. The story is so bad, they just repeat what we already knew in the game. The challenges are fun kind of, but annoying at times. Overall, I played for a few hours, I'll probably platinum it tomorrow. The 500 000 isn't a cake walk during hostage but it's duable. The 10 millions is cummulative, and so is everything else. The hardest one is the 100 % challenge because they are so many. Getting 50 % took almost no time.

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Non-topic related...dude, I cannot stop laughing at your avatar!

 Thanks? I think....lol



Is it worth the money you paid? or is it worth waiting couple of months for a sale price?

I would have to say yes. 

Though you already know her story for the most part the battle arenas are really what sell it.

Nothing like taking out rounds and rounds of enemies in a room to make you feel like a bad ass.


The Platinum itself is easy and straight forward, just time consuming,

 So 16 dollars (US) ain't a bad price for the game. 

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Play second son then first light. Even though its a prequel if you play first light first you will not know the characters or anything. They are both very good games. Yeah both couldve been better but they are still good and fun and fairly easy plats

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