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"First Steps" trophy glitch?


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The trophy description says "Win a Bronze Cup at the end of a Challenge"


I don't understand why I have not unlocked this trophy yet. I do the challenges every day and after I return to the gallery I always have the little line go up and stop in either the bronze or silver area, depending on how well I did. 


Also, after I finish the challenge it says "You're on your way to winning a bronze cup, don't let others take it!". I thought "Ok, I have to get in the silver range to win a bronze maybe?" But no, when I get in the silver range all I get is a message saying the same thing, only this time, "You're on your way to winning a silver cup, don't let others take it!"


Am I stupid? I'm either missing something here or it's glitched for me. 

For reference I've done about 25 daily challenges and 3-4 weekly challenges I'd guess. Don't know if that makes a difference.

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You only win the bronze cup once the challenge is over, if you are still within the percentage that get bronze.  So it is not as simple as getting in there, you have to stay there.  The trophy would not pop until after it has been done.  It sounds like you have done a lot though, have you ever actually won a bronze trophy?

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It popped for me a couple days ago. When I turned on the game it said congrats and gave me the trophy. The weird thing is in the challenge room I've have many challenges be in the bronze area with a little trophy icon. Oh well, at least i got it.

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