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Will the time-limited free dlc be for everyone or just America?

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And that worries me a lot. It's P4A all over again... (well except, it isn't region locked this time)


I heard Atlus fired some people who were in charge of the problem with Europe getting it one year later than US. Don't remember where i read it from but it seems we might actually get Ultimax the same time US gets it. Let's hope so.

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Might be the Zen United people (who are also responsible for releasing other fighting games such as BlazBlue months/years later). They didn't even bother to add their logo into the game. It was the exact same copy as the US one except they changed one line of code to make it work for EU consoles.


I wouldn't get my hopes up though. I don't wan't to relive the dilemma a second time... :(

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There will be a European release after all (November 21st). But there is no info about the free DLC. So I tried to download the US version of the DLC, just in case EU gets screwed again, but I can't find it. Do I have to buy the full game first to get access to the DLC? :huh:

It should just show up in the NA store under add-ons for the game. It won't work for you unless you buy an NA version of the game though, as DLC is still region locked.

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