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Hmm. i would recommend watching the anime Part 1-3 then continue on and read the Manga. If you watch the anime and read the manga you'll like the game even more :)

   Got it :). i`ll start it when I finish the one I'm watching. Thanks for the info  ;)

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games are not region bound so yes you can play japanese games on whichever account you are using

There are exceptions to that rule one being Persona 4 Arena and the other I have forgotten the name of but it is a Japanese title and there's also Monster Hunter which requires a Japanese IP address.


Also if you're planning to do this with Vita it won't work you'll need to import physical games and as others have said DLC is locked to the region the game is from so say you download JoJo's Bizarre Adventure off the Japanese PSN in this hypothetical you'd need to download the DLC from the Japanese store and not the US store as an example so keep that in mind.

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