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Help on stripped near power supply


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Welp... I thought the problem is with the power supply,so I tried taking the two screws out and instead got one of them ruined, "stripped" is what happened. I read suggestions from, Using Krazy Glue on the screw and a screwdriver, using a plastic stick and soldering iron to create torque and using a drill to take it with force... I have not tried any of these, and I'm aussiming the only option is to buy another PS3 ;-;

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I would not put a drill near your PS3 unless you have a screw extractor kit or a really low powered one, you could try placing a rubber band over the screw and then use a screwdriver and push really hard whilst unscrewing, or if you have a bigger phillips screwdriver thats too big for the screw, you should be able to apply a lot of pressure and get it out. Both have worked for me on my computer, when I've destroyed a screw that holds the motherboard to the case! 

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