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Destiny Shared Trophies? GTA 5 will be as well?


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Do you think Gta 5 trophies will be shared since this is a Cross play Title but still has a Shared Trophy list and since This and Gta have said you can Transfer your Saves do you think Gta will do the same since i can't be arsed to get the plat a second time and i don't wanna have to play the Dlc twice for gta!




(sorry for the title i can't spell for shit today ha ha)

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Probably not since Rockstar said that MP progress will carry over but SP progress won't, and if it is the same trophy list it will deter people from buying it. Games like BF4, CoD Ghosts, Watch Dogs, and The Last of Us use different trophy lists so GTA V will probably do the same. Plus Bungie came out with you can upgrade from PS3 to PS4 for free if you buy digitally, so that may be why they are keeping the lists together.

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It honestly just depends on if the developer knows what they are doing, lol - It's possible to do it and it's been done with several trophy lists where they add a new platform to an existing trophy list.


I hope Rockstar Games will actually do it... but there's also a chance that they won't. It would make the most sense though given that multiplayer progress carries over and I wouldn't think those trophies would just be able to auto-pop  :hmm:  Hmm... Now I'm just rambling, lol we should all tweet them and tell them not to make a separate trophy list! :P

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I hope they share the same list. There's no need for games to have duplicate trophy lists. Rockstar are pretty tight with trophies more than have their games are very rare and ultra rare platinums. So I don't think they would give out another platinum. I say duplicate platinum should only be allowed if they add more missions or add new features that can only be on PS.

But hey you never know look at Beyond: Two Souls just another port in this latest trend.

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