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Is this game worth my time?


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I really enjoyed playing this when Namco released this game. Online servers are not the best available, but it's easy to just restart.

If this is your first experience ever playing a Tekken game, you might reconsider since the online part is where you can get most of the fun in this game. Tekken Hybrid would be a better option to choose instead to learn the basics.

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Is not a bad game. Trophy wise easy. Playing and enjoyment depends on your skill set. However, don't get suckered into the in game purchases. It's all pretty much obtainable if you're patient and work to unlocks.

Online isn't too bad either. At most it took about a minute to hook me up with an opponent.

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it's a good F2P, and i think it's one of the best consoles F2P out there.


although there's a reason why people say it's MP is terrible, it's due to people who love to spam this move called art skill something the whole match, especially when they are losing.


since you're new to tekken this F2P tekken may annoy you with some stuff


1- them pay wall. i don't know if it's been changed currently but during the time i was 100% it you'll start with 3 coins ( it's a must to play the game )

and two golden tickets ( also a must, but it's optional ) and multiplayer tickets if i wasn't wrong, let's just say you're addicted on playing this game and you wasted all your coins on arcade mode, you have to wait for an hour to receive one coins and the same goes to the MP match tickets or something, or you can use those golden tickets instead of coins and such, but those golden tickets can only obtained by purchase them from the PS store or unless namco bandai gave them away for free.


2- the extra characters is a pain in the rear to unlock. TBH i still don't exactly know how to unlock them legitimate, by the time i was still playing it i only unlocked steve fox and ling xiaoyu. though you can still 100% the game without unlocking all the characters.

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