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Is farming consired as exploiting/cheating/boosting?


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If Bungie 'patches' out farming one cave in Russia, then I will officially trade in my copy of Destiny to Gamestop.


The solution isn't to patch out things, it's to patch in things. People are doing this because they are finding that the loot drops quite frankly suck (I've gotten one Exotic weapon in a day of playing but I'm the exception to the rule). The people who have been playing for 2 or 3 days (or more) and can't find any better loot get the short end.


Just have every enemy drop legendary/exotic weapons, I don't care if it defeats the purpose of the game.

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what they should have done is increase drop rate for higher lvl mobs we kill at our lvl and lower drop rate for lower lvl mobs we kill that are like 15+ so lvls below. kinda like a diminishing return. i admit i done the cave myself many times but i got more legendaries and rares from just playing the game thru strikes and just patrol missions randomly. some never in their life got a legend or rare in anything till they did the cave with me, and had been farming it like mad.... it seems the game is just a bit broken atm; surely it wasnt bungie intention for people to just farm a save or farm a section of a strike then dying repeatily for drops. I really hope the rep for each faction like vangaurd, dead orbit, monarchy, future of war(something like that) would come more into play. I like farming strikes and bounties for rep. killing simply at a cave for hours dont get u rep.

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Odd contrast to this game is that in borderlands, you can also revisit previous areas in the game and farm the locations for better gear (i.e. raid-bosses, and specific mob locations). In defiance though, you need something like 40-50 mid to hi level players to farm specific game events, but other in game events limit you to 4 players max. Dust 514 however has the team limit based on the contract (public - 4, faction war - 8, planet war - 16). Don't know about DC Universe Online though.


Farming is fine ingame due entirely on the math behind the odds for specific gear otherwise the game would not be any fun

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