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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD release date revealed, includes playable FFXV demo.


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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on March 17, 2015 in North America, March 19 in Japan, and March 20 in Europe, according to a pulled Game Informer report.


A voucher code for Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae -- a playable demo of FFXV -- will be included in each copy of Type-0. According to the report, Episode Duscae will allow players to "see some of the opening scenes in action," although "some elements of the progression will be altered in order to make it more suitable for a demo experience.



Well, it hasn't been revealed by Square yet but It looks legit. 
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For a bit of perspective on this, a FFXIII demo was included with FF Advent Children in early 2009 in Japan. FFXIII came out on December 2009, same year. FFXV in late 2015 for Japan/ Early 2016 for Europe and NA? I'm officially praying for this to happen. 

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Makes no sense that NA gets it before Japan. Seems even Japan's getting shafted by this dumb release logic.


If I can bag myself an apprenticeship by then, I might get it, seeing as my birthday's a few days after the EU release.


Japan's had the game over 3 years now on PSP.


Anyway I'm pretty excited for this even though it wasn't supposed to be announced until later on today heh. It also means FFXV might not be totally dead after all.

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Dat good smart move of square by putting XV demo on Type-0 and boosting its sales like in 1 million %....XV will probably take more 2 to 3 years to release...with luck.People will have to satisfy themselves with the demo....demo is more like "to hold the lions back".

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The Asian release information popped up: http://asia.playstation.com/sg/en/newsdetail?id=2932


Usually in Asia we get the Japanese version, the US version, and the Asian version with Chinese/Korean/etc depending on the Asian territory. They have listed all 3 versions for March, including text/voice info.


The Japanese release will contain Japanese and English voices and Japanese and English text. The US version will contain Japanese and English voices and English/French/Spanish text. The Asian version will contain Japanese and English voices, and Traditional Chinese/Korean text

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