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Favorite Fighting Games(From Consoles)


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First Fighting Game I ever Played was probably "King of Fighter 98(PSone)", which was my friend's.

At The Time(ATT) I had A "Baby Sitter", who I would be placed under her care in her Home; while my parents worked Weekly. She had her own kid who she would tell me to "Go play with",  to Vent off Boredom...He had A "PSone" Console that he Liked to play every time we returned from School, but I Would only watch him play "PSone games" @ First. I Was intrigues but didn't know How to play(especially Since I Never Seen A Console ATT).

It Wasn't Until he got A 2nd Controller that he Asked/Demanded that I play, but Told him I had no Clue how. So He taught me over time how to play & Use the Controller, thus Giving me MY First Experience of Gaming.

We would play for A Fair amount of either KoF 98 or Tekken 3, but in the end he had the advantage in experience when we played(making me rarely beat him); what can I say "Fighting games just make people competitive" regardless of Skill level...and that's how I later became A "Fighting Game Fan"...My first Purchased Fighting Games, Which I Believe were "Mace The Dark Age"(N64) & "MK 4(N64)"(Bought @ the Same time) when I got A N64. .
Anyway "What Are your Favorite Console Fighting game titles over the Course of your Life, So Far?"
Note: "This is not A "Top??" List", just Type whichever you Consider your Favorites.

Also "Do Not Criticize other's List/s Please!", Keep it to Simply Posting "Your List" or Complimenting(if you must make interactive posts with others)....No Fighting! in A Fighting Game Thread... :( No I'm not trying to be Funny with that. 

For me My Favorites that I've played were:

  • KoF 98(PSone)
  • KoF XI(PS2)
  • Tekken 3(PSone)
  • NeoGeo Battle Coliseum(PS2)
  • SoulCalibur 2(Game Cube)
  • Marvel Vs. Capcom 2(PS2)
  • Bio Freaks(N64)
  • MK 4(N64)
  • Mk9(PS3)
  • Super Smash Bros: Melee(Game Cube)
  • Tekken 5(PS2)
  • Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3(PS2)
  • Mortal Kombat: Armageddon(PS2)
  • Guilty Gear Isuka(PS2)
  • Tom and Jerry: in Fists of Furry(N64)
  • Dissidia: Final Fantasy(PSP)
  • Street Fighter X Tekken(PS3)
  • BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger(PS3)
  • BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma(PS3)
  • SkullGirls: Encore

I've played more Fighting games, but these were just the ones I Really liked from what I've played.

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Street Fighter Alpha 2 on the Sega Saturn was one of the top beat em ups on the console and still gets played by me to this very day.


Other noticeable mentions include...


Street Fighter III Third Strike

Garou Mark of the Wolves

Last Blade 2

Soul Calibur 2

Capcom vs SNK

Marvel vs Capcom 2

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Super Smash Bros Melee, 

Marvel Vs Capcom 2

Street Fighter 3rd strike

Street Fighter 4 ( Even though I've never owned it. Used to love going to a friends house and playing this all day)

Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3



Hoping Mortal Kombat X is a lot more competitive and has more tech to learn than MK9

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Fighting games that played the most on consoles are:

Street Fighter Alpha 1 & 2 & 3

Super Street Fighter 2

Garou: Mark of the Wolves

Capcom vs SNK 1 & 2

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

Power Stone 1 & 2

X-Men: Children of the Atom

X-men vs Street Fighter

Marvel vs Capcom 1,2 & 3

Oh yeah, I remembered some more:

Fatal Fury

Samurai Shodown 2

Mortal Kombat

Project Justice Rival Schools

Star Gladiator / Plasma Sword

I think thats it...

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Tekken 3 is and will always be my favorite fighting game.


Tekken 3 (PS1) - I *loved* this game so much back in 1998-1999 that I use to REMEMBER the *10-hit COMBO's*, LOL :P, for my *favorite* character's (Law, Eddy Gordo, Hwoarang, etc...)

Tekken Tag Tournament (PS2)


Marvel vs Capcom 2 (PS2)


Soul Calibur 2 (PS2)


Mortal Kombat: TRILOGY (PS1)


Mortal Kombat 4 (PS1)


Capcom vs SNK 2 (PS2)


Killer Instinct (Super Nintendo)


Guilty Gear x2 (PS2)


Mortal Kombat: Armageddon (PS2)


Street Fighter x Tekken (PS3)


Street Fighter Alpha 3 (PS1)


Street Fighter 3: Third Strike (PS2)


Bloody Roar 3 (PS2)


Mortal Kombat (PS3)

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I haven't really played many Street Fighter-like fighting games since the PS2 era, and even then the only one I really played was DBZ Budokai 3 (which was a phenomenal game BTW). However, I did play all of the main WWF/E games from WWF SmackDown! Just Bring it up to WWE SmackDown Vs. Raw 2010. Anyway, I'm not sure if that counts or not, so I'll just list the first two games that immediately come to mind.


Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 and Street Fighter II

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- Tekken 3 (ps1)

- Dead or Alive 5 (ps3)

- Dragon ball Z Budokai 3 (ps2)

- Naruto Ultimate Ninja 5 (ps2)

- Mortal Kombat 3 ( Sega Genesis)

- King of Fighters 98 ( Arcade)

- Soul Calibur 1 ( Dreamcast)

And for last but not least the Awesome Virtua Fighter 2 for Sega Saturn  :lol: ( my first fighting game)

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I don't have a huge list since I'm a bit of a fighting game newbie, but here I go:

Capcom vs Snk 2 (What originally got me into fighting games)

Garou: Mark of the wolves


Super street fighter 4

King of fighters 98

Street fighter alpha 3

I am thinking of trying out an ARC game but haven't decided wet her to do Blazblue or Guilty Gear

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