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Hiya Guys I was wondering if anyone can help me with this so i wrote a list down of a all the other games i have but i dont want to risk installing them to be able to boost them so i was wondering if someone could help me out if thats okay because im not sure on the servers for the games anyway here goes

Fear 3

Far Cry 2
Red faction armageddon and guerilla

batman arkham origins

kane and lynch 2

max payne 3

doom 3 bfg

mass effect 3

splinter cell blacklist


mercenaries 2

colin mcrae dirt 2

lost planet 2

chronicles of riddick

aliens vs predator


your help would be much appreciated thank you :)

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Red Faction Guerilla will be difficult.

As far as I am aware some stuff can't be boosted (i.e you have to do them in public matches) and there aren't many people around on the servers


You can still boost them but you need the required amount of people to start a public match and just all join at one time. They are painstakingly long though!!

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I thought AvP servers were down.


I just played Doom 3 a month or so ago, servers are fine there. FEAR 3 I did maybe 4 or 5 months ago, servers were good there too. Also pretty sure Jamm was recently playing Chronicles of Riddick, but that game's grind is ridiculous, I wouldn't suggest starting that up.

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servers for mercs 2 are a bit dicey, connecting to them seem to be a problem for quite a few ppl.


Don't you need another EA game to sort of activate the servers or something like that, I don't know the technical side of it. I know 2 good ones are Medal Of Honor: Airborne or The Orange Box. You can use Bad Company but the plat for that is unobtainable now. means buying a 2nd game.

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