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Help!PS4 Skylanders SWAP FORCE


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Does anyone have the ps4 skylanders  swap force in eu (not us and au)version?Coz Australia version have a bug which cannot install the 1.01 patch and  disconnect to the sever, so I need help from you guys who has the eu version (like germany, france, and so on) ps4 swap force disc. 

Please help me to get the only online trophy (Newsworthy: Use the signpost in Woodburrow to see the Message of the Day). I can borrow my psn account to you.What you  need to do is just using my psn account to get this trophy. Help please!!! I was frustrated since this bug was submitted 8 month ago and still not fixed yet.... This bug is only happend to australin version ps4 swap force....Now the trap team was released so it is no further 

patch will be released for australian version ps4 swap force....If any one can help me, it would be very thankful!!!! :yay:  :yay:  :yay:  :yay:




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