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Can i use remote play ?


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Most likely video you saw about nfs rivals was from ps4 version as ps4 suppose to have better remote play support than ps3 (no first hand knowledge as I dont have ps4).

At playstationtrophies.org forums there is quite good list of working and even more comprehensive list of ps3 games which doesn't work on remote play.

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I think a lot of ps4 games support remote play I have tried it out on a handful of games and it's great but remote play was originally shown to play ps3 games as they showcased it playing Killzone 3 but it never did work with many ps3 game I think there a few indie games it works with but other than that I don't think it will work for NFS.

Here is a link I found showing all supported games as you can see the ps4 supports a lot more bigger titles than ps3 ever will.


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