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What Chance I Have to Plat this?

Big Puto

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Long grind with 4 people needed (mostly can be done with just 2), headset required, both digital and physical versions needed (both have glitched trophies), and can be difficult at times but as you play through the campaign you'll get used to how to play. Also the online servers have a time based system and some trophies are only available during that short window of time which could only come every few weeks or months all the while making sure all 4 boosters are available during that time. 
You'll need to be prepared to waste a lot of time doing this when the window opens up for you to even be able to boost the harder trophies.

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I need help to win the remaining trophies in 1vs1 game. Add-me and i help with the missing trophies for you.

# Mass Murderer - Kill 500 units in Theatre of War.

# Point of Attack - Win 40 missions as Attacker in Theatre of War.

# Destroyer - Destroy 100 Critical Buildings in Theatre of War.

# Super Soldiers - Have 12 units in your Battallion promoted to Legendary Rank in Theatre of War.(DLC)

# Casualties of War - Kill 200 units in multiplayer matches.(DLC)

# Command from the Front - Kill 10 units with the Command Vehicle's sentry units.

# Sharpshooter - Kill an enemy troop without being spotted.

# Angel of Death - Kill 10 enemy Evacuation Helicopters.

# Air Defense - Intercept 5 incoming Air Strikes with Electronic Warfare.

# Stormbringer - Storm 10 enemy buildings.

# Under Cover - Defeat 50 enemy units with infantry in cover. (DLC)

PSN-ID: Big_Borba

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