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Minecraft PS4,XB1,PSvita Trophy/Achievement Ultimate Guide


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1. Zombie Doctor Cure a zombie villager.


Here's some extra info on how to find the required ingredients in the tutorial level:

Glass bottle - In the chest next to the brewing stand 

Water - Next to the chest mentioned above

Spider eye - Randomly collected when killing a spider at night

Sugar - Collect sugar canes which are tall green plants found near water usually. Next create sugar from the sugar canes on a crafting table.

Brown mushrooms - Found easily in grassy areas, the game specifies them as simply "mushrooms" not "brown mushrooms".

Redstone - Found in a chest just before the castle in an underground passage

Gunpowder - Kill a creeper at night, it must not explode otherwise it won't drop any gunpowder. Kill it with arrows ideally.

Apple - A random drop from trees, "mine" the leaves on green trees to find an apple. Alternatively go to X -176, Y 66, Z 121 to find some apples in a chest (credit to SilentlyForgot).

Gold - There are a few blocks of gold at X -281, Y 74, Z 243. You need some form of explosives to obtain these. Also near this temple in the desert is another temple where 4 chests are found by mining beneath it. The co-ords for this are -310, 66, 105 (credit to W1LLYMAN). You have to avoid the blue block in this area between the chests as it explodes.

  2. Rainbow Collection Gather all 16 colors of wool.


This achievement can be earned easily in the tutorial area.

After completing/skipping the tutorial, dig up 2 yellow and red roses, they are on the ground in the starting area.

Now head up the steps, enter the building on your right with the enchanting tables, and access the chest on your right, and take out the iron pickaxe. Break the iron under the brewing stands in the building next door. Either make or place down a crafting table, and breakdown the blocks into ingots.

Now create some shears. Head down the stairs opposite the building you are in, and you will see penned up animals on your right. Shear all the sheep. You will get the following achievement if you don't already have it.


Now open your crafting menu, no table is needed, and access the decorations tab, make rose red dye and a yellow dye with the flowers you collected.

Now create red wool and yellow wool by combining the dyes with the wool you have sheared off the sheep. Straight across from the sheep pen is a chest. Access the chest and take out all the bones,and cyan dye.

Now create some bonemeal from the bones you collected under the decorations tab.

Next, combine the cyan dye with a piece of wool to make cyan wool. Combine 2 red dyes with bonemeal to make 2 pink dyes and the yellow dye with the remaining red dye to make orange dye. Combine the dyes with the wool to make orange wool and pink wool.

You should now have the following wool colors: 

Orange wool

Pink wool

Red wool

Cyan wool

Yellow Wool

White wool

Next, head back up the stairs from the farm area back into the main village and take a left into the large building with the ender chests. Continue past a sandstone archway, and hop onto the stone wall and look out. You should see a large creeper looking monument off in the distance. Head towards it.

Once you arrive at what turns out to be a boat, climb onto the boat via the ladder on the side, and then climb up the ladder on the sail and hop off onto the sail itself. Now simply collect 1 lime wool1 black wool and 1 grey wool.

Ok now you'll need to do a bit of exploring. Search bodies of water until you find a squid. Kill it and take its inksacs. Combine an inksac with 2 bits of bonemeal that you should have from the bones you collected earlier, and make a light grey dye. Combine it with some white wool to make Light grey wool.

You should now have 10 of the 16 wool colors needed for the achievement.

Unfortunately their are no easy ways around the next few colors, but you already have some of the resources needed, bonemeal, red dye etc.

A few tips for the remaining dyes:

Green Dye: You'll need to find a cactus and break it, then smelt them in a furnace to make cactus green dye. Cacti can be found in desert biomes.

Blue/Light Blue Dye: Mine lapis lazuli to create these, you'll need 1 piece of lapis combined with white wool to make blue wool, and 1 combined with bonemeal to create light blue dye, which then can be made into light blue wool.

Lapis can be found in the tutorial level at: x: 42 y: 18 z: -357.

Purple/Magenta Dye: You'll also need 2 pieces of lapis to combine with 2 red dyes, to create 2 purple dyes. You should still have some pink dye left from earlier, and you'll have to combine it with the second purple dye to make magenta dye. Then combine them both with white wool to make purple wool and magenta wool.

Brown Dye: You'll need Cocoa bean for this, they can be found in cocoa pods on trees all over in jungle biomes or in dungeon chests.


NOTE:Cocoa beans can be found in a chest in a dungeon right by the main spawn in the tutorial world at coordinates: X: -41 Y: 60 Z: 8


3.The Haggler Mine or purchase 30 Emeralds


This can be done in the tutorial, albeit with some reloading of the level.

Right when you load up the tutorial, skip it by pressing B when prompted. Then, head up the stairs and to the right, up some more white stairs. Look into the chest and you'll find 60 pages. Trade these with the villager behind the boxes for 2 emeralds. 

Quit to the main menu, start a new tutorial and repeat 15 times at roughly 1 minute per time, and you'll have the achievement.

  4. Passing the Time Play for 100 days. This achievement requires you to play 100 in-game days (not real life days), that's going to take you about 33 hours. Sleeping will not speed up the process.

The best and easiest way of getting this achievement is to put your Xbox on "Never Turn Off" (required) in the settings and Appear Offline (optional).

After that you want to start a Survival game (Creative won't work) and put it on Peaceful Mode.

I can confirm that you can turn off your Controller while doing this! There is no need for rubber banding your Controller. Hold down your Xbox Home Button for 3 seconds and press "Turn Off Controller". Next up turn off your TV (optional) and let your Xbox run when going to sleep/school/work.

Important note: Don't leave the game on the pause screen as it will stop the timer! 




5. Adventuring Time Discover 17 of 23 biomes


These are the 23 Biomes in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition/Ps4/Psvita

You must travel through at least 17 of them for the achievement to pop. I have confirmed that it does count if you are on multiple maps, also you will find every biome in the tutorial level. If you need a picture of each area head over tohttp://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Biome 

1. River (Water only a few blocks deep and a short distance shore to shore)

2. Frozen River (Same as above frozen over)

3. Taiga (Area with only spruce treas and ferns, only spawns sheep)

4. Taiga Mountain (Same as above on a mountain)

5. Cold Taiga (Snowing Taiga)

6. Cold Taiga Mountain (Mountain Snowing Taiga)

7. Extreme Hills (cliffs)

8. Plains (Vast open area with no trees, or very few treas or hills)

9. Ice Plains (frozen over plains)

10. Forest (mixture of many trees, but missing the vines of swamps and jungles)

11. Swampland (short trees with vines and grey colored ground with mushrooms)

12. Swampland Mountain (same as above on a mountain)

13. Mushroom Island (Island with giant red and brown mushrooms)

14. Mushroom Island Shore(Same as above but where the sand meets the water)

15. Beach (Large area of sand that meets an ocean)

16. Cold Beach (Same as above but with snow on it)

17. Jungle (Large bright green trees and bushes covered in vines, coco beans grow on the trees)

18. Jungle Mountain (same as above but on a mountain)

19. Jungle Edge (This is questionable, but its where you will see the forest trees meet the jungle trees)

20. Desert (Large open areas of sand that have cacti)

21. Ocean (Very large and deep patches of water)

22. Nether (Its the nether...how else do you describe it)

23. The End (Where you fight the Ender dragon)

I have also read on various sites that the Village, Cave, Ravine, and Deep Ocean are also Biomes. Since you only need 17, it is best to stick with the ones that are not duplicated (i.e. Jungle, Jungle Edge, Jungle M). Please let me know if any of these are wrong or extras need to be added.

Thanks to @r3volv3r789 who said, "If you're not able to figure out which biomes you are missing just go here and jump into the cave that is behind you after you start. These are the rare biomes: 90296315345015956."



6. Overkill Deal nine hearts of damage in a single hit.


Start a new tutorial world, Press B to skip the tutorial on how to play and then run over to these coordinates;

X: -302

Y: 70

Z: 106

There will be a chest with a Iron sword with Smite V enchantment which increases damage to "undead" mobs (skeletons, zombies and zombie pigmen).

Now simply wait until night and kill a zombie or skeleton with the Smite V sword!

Extra: If your lazy like me and cant wait until night to get the achievement, there is a dungeon with a zombie spawner at these coordinates;

X: -41 

Y: 60

Z: 8


7. Into The Nether Construct a Nether Portal.


Head into the Tutorial Level and bypass the starting area by hitting 'B' when prompted. Make your way up the stairs and head into the brewing area on the right. Open the chest and take the bucket of water (this will be explained later). Next, head into the Enchanting area (again on the right just after the brewing area) and open the chest on the right and collect a shovel, a pickaxe and an axe. Leave the Enchanting Area and turn right. You'll come to an area that shows you how to build Iron Golems. Use the pickaxe to break one of the blocks of iron and add it to your inventory. Next turn around and head down to the area with the farming. Here you'll want to use your shovel to break all the gravel at the bottom of the stairs until you find a piece of flint. Take the flint and head back upstairs. Finally for this section, use your axe to destroy one of the buildings. You'll need 4 wood planks to create a crafting table. Once created, convert the Iron Block you collected earlier to Iron Ingots. Now you can create the Flint & Steel (the item that activates the Nether Portals).

Now to head to the Nether Portal. Go back to the area where you retrieved the Iron Block and head up the stairs, bypassing two Ender Chests. Follow this circuit round until you see a narrow staircase leading down ahead of you. Head down there and the Nether Portal with be in a building on your left. This portal is already activated but this is where the bucket of water comes in handy. Empty the water on one of the obsidian blocks at the bottom of the portal and this will deactivate it. Collect the water again. Now equip your Flint & Steel and re-activate the Nether Portal.

  8. On A Rail Travel by minecart to a point at least 500m in a single direction from where you started

This is one of the most time-consuming achievements in the game. It requires about an hour of mining. If you have friends with this game, this achievement would be worth doing together, because once the track is made, anyone can ride it for the achievement.

So in total, you will need 3 redstone, 34 sticks, 18 gold bars and 186 iron bars. Use these to make a total of 18 powered rails and 496 normal rails via the "Minecart" tab in your inventory. Minecarts can also be made in this tab with 5 iron bars.

Once you have all this, simply build the track in one straight direction with 1 powered rail to every 31 normal rails. Keep in mind you will also have to alter the terrain by moving trees, flattening hills, etc. Continue this until your track is 500 blocks long (because one block is equal to one meter).

Note: You will have to place a redstone torch next to each of your powered rails to power it. These are made from one redstone dust and one stick in the redstone tab of the inventory.

Note: An easy lanuching method: So your minecart doesn't run off before you jump in it, place a powered rail at the end of your track. When unpowered, these rails act as stopping pads. Place your minecart down, then power the powered rail. Also don't forget to block the end of your track off with a block, so your minecarts don't go flying off at the end!


9. The Lie Bake a cake using wheat, sugar, milk and eggs!


This can easily be completed on the tutorial map.

After completing/skipping the tutorial, head up the stairs. Here is what you need to do:

 For 3 milks buckets: After heading up the cobblestone stairs, enter the room to your right with brewing stands in it. Access the chest on the right and take out an iron pickaxe.

Now leave the building and turn right and walk towards the large building where you will see some with the pumpkins and 4 iron blocks. Mine the iron blocks with your pickaxe.

Take these blocks to a crafting table, and break them down into ingots. Now create some 3 buckets.

Head down the stairs opposite the building and you will see a bunch of cows in a pen, simply LT on them with your buckets to fill them.

For eggs: Right next to the cows will be a pen full of chickens, if they haven't laid any eggs yet, simply do the other steps and come back.

For 3 wheat: Across from the animal pens is a farm, take 3 wheat from there.

For 2 sugar: You'll need to find sugarcane. I found mine near the water behind the sand buildings in the town. Craft the sugarcane into sugar and your good to go.


Now take all the ingredients and go to the food tab of the crafting table and make a cake.



10. When Pigs Fly Use a saddle to ride a pig, then have the pig get hurt from fall damage while riding it.


In the tutorial level to the left of the starting area there is a small cave system with a dungeon in it at x: -41 y: 60 z: 8 with two saddles in it. Grab a fishing rod from the dock area and a carrot from the garden and lead your pig to the top of the area and have it walk off the wall.

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