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Do you wish trophies didn't exist?


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Wished they were different at times, like no trophies for trophy. From a recent Stray game, with sleeping for an hour of real time. What is that? What kind of achievement is that, that I left a console turned on for an hour. There so many trophies that are not aimed for anything practical, rather than time consuming tedious movement and this kills all the fun. 

And the most hated by me trophies that connected to certain event, happening by certain story related conditions, which also go against my playstyle. And of course they are in the middle of the game, and changing everything and also required for a different ending. What is that? 

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I'm indifferent to them myself. I simply play what I want and will take what I can get when it comes to trophies. I'll try to earn them if I can for the fun of it but I won't waste my time with the ones that are too difficult or time consuming when I can simply play something else. 

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