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Kew Gardens Recording

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I'm wondering if anyone else had this problem I have to find Margaret's recording 320 in the lab and I searched everywhere couldn't find it, I check a few game guides and said it was in a cabinet next to the fireplace, but I can't seem to get in it I tried slowly approching it, then sideways. I quit the game and and went back in and nothing then turned off my ps3 and went back in and nothing. I don't want to restart the chapter but looks like I might have to.

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Just to let you all know...

Supposedly, from what I've read, the PS3 version of the game (at least) is glitched in that you can't actually pick up cylinder recording 320, even though it's sitting right there in the cabinet. Thankfully, you don't actually need to get and listen to it for it to count as a collectible piece of evidence; it's merely something to check out.

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The same thing happen to me i lost some time searching the cylinder. The girl say that you find it in the lab but in the ps3 version i only see the cylinder in a cabinet and I can’t get it.


It’s doesn’t matter, you don’t need it the platinum trophy will pop up even if you don’t "find" the cylinder, the cylinder itself it’s not a clue in any way 

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Hm, that's a nuisance and a half. Glad it won't count as a missed item though.

Dratted glitches - I ran into a lovely one yesterday that made my console reboot entirely every time I tried to examine the traces where sacks had been dragged in the railway case when I was playing the case from the Cases menu instead of the whole game from the start. So if I want to get all the conclusions for the platinum trophy I'm going to have to play the whole thing through as if for the first time. Bit of a nuisance for the ones I got already...

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