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Alien Isolation Review By TheVolloxx-


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Alien Isolation Review



Review By @TheBolloxx

  • Console Played On- PS4
  • Difficulty Played On- Normal
  • Play Time- 19 Hours

As I was hiding under a desk in a very dark and vaguely lit room while an Alien was slowly slithering towards me, my breath tightened and I realized just how terrified I actually was and that is the exact feeling that you will experience while playing through Alien Isolation.


Alien Isolation’s story has you playing as Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda is an engineer on the spaceship Torrens which has a small team dedicated to finding out what happened to the original films Nostromo, Amanda’s motives are to find the flight recorder of the Nostromo in the hope of finding her mother, as you would expect ,the game starts by having you wake up in the Torrens and receiving  orders from your superiors to go on a space walk and try to access the spaceship Sevastopol which according to sources contains the Nostromo’s flight recorder , the space walk quickly goes to hell and your stuck on the Sevastopol all by yourself.




I’ll start by saying that the games retro art style, graphics and sound design are a flawless recreation of the original films, the close quarters corridors keep the experience tense while creating a deep sense of exploration and scavenging, the sound and lighting is superb and nails is perfectly! With the small blinking lights and the slight eerie yet carefully placed slight sounds to the ecstatic power surges, the graphical quality and sound design truly never ceases to amaze, the attention to detail is one that true fans of the Alien franchise will really appreciate, fan service is of top quality with Nostromo logs voiced by the original actors which gives a more in depth analysis of what happened in the original films plot, the different perspective of seeing everything happen in front of your own eyes and having to survive throughout the games lengthy 20 hours campaign is an experience that won’t be forgotten easily, the games story is a recreation of the original film with interest, suspense and survival being the top goals in development which they have succeeded in all areas.


While you’re exploring the Sevastopol station you’ll be picking up and scavenging your way through while collecting various parts to use in the games crafting system, the system has you build gadgets to use in various situations mainly to avoid detection, you can build noise makers, smoke bombs, flash bangs, pipe bombs all of which you can use to your advantage, the game does give you 3 main weapons, a revolver, shotgun and bolt gun but you’ll have to use these very carefully and in very extreme situations to continue to be as quiet as possible, the main enemies in the game contains Androids,Humans and of course Aliens, the Androids are controlled by the ships main AI Apollo and have gone rogue killing many of the ships citizens, they are extremely hard to kill and take a lot of damage before finally malfunctioning, the Alien is well invincible and if it gets close your dead, the heightened senses of the Alien make is very intelligent, quick and deadly! The only way to survive the 7 foot tall beast is to run, hide, and survive.




While the games crafting system does have you using a variety to situations you encounter , the HUD is clunky and feels designed poorly, all other elements like the items you pick up work perfectly well, the save system can be very frustrating sometimes, there has been multiple occasions where I’ve had to go through the same section over and over, there is a lot of save points which are easily missed so you have to be on the lookout most of the time, a lot of critics have criticized the save system as outdated but with the survival type of game it works perfectly and when I got through a very tough section to find a save, the feeling of accomplishment was of the highest I’ve experience in a game to date.


All of the above perfectly describes the type of game that Alien Isolation is and is one of the best games I’ve played in a long time not to mention Survival Horror, the game does have a few flaws such as the last few chapters that were very badly designed and contained a lot of back tracking that is simply not necessary, the ending is also left very open and I can pretty much guarantee there will be a sequel which I’m happy with but I just don’t like when some games leave it that open.


My verdict on the game is as follows, the atmosphere, Gameplay and Story is nailed perfectly! The previous flaws are only a few dents in the ship and I highly recommend any Alien, Survival or Horror fan to play this game immediately!


8 Survival Kits Out Of 10




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A 19 hour long game makes me not wanna play it.. I'm to lazy to pay attention for that long. 

I hate long films and I hate long games, I'll pass. 


The pacing is pretty well done , the game starts off slowly and builds well up until the last few chapters of the game 

which do not need to be there ... i did really enjoy my playthrough and am going through again on hard .

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Better play "19 hours" alien isolation than spend "19 hours" playing weak games and without quality as slender or amnesia..

I found one annoying thing in the game, the fact that the chapters back to get some trophies (id tags, logs etc) has to do everything until the end! but if someone wants to make a second gameplay in hard mode can disguise a lil bit

From what I played, i liked :)

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