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Korra's Room - Secret Costume Code?


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That is pretty messed up, but it's not a unique code if it's input into the game, so with any luck, someone who was able to get the code will put it online. I wonder about the other one though. I'm also curious about the item that needs a code as well.

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Where did both of you find the codes at?


Also, lol at 145 ppl (O_o) viewing this topic (yet we only have 1 topic here and a few post on this thread).

I just started trying different possible codes. Given most of the buttons are used for something else, I started with the directional buttons, then threw in a Square when none of those worked. Not sure what the Chi Blocker code is; I've tried every possible code I can think of.

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I tried everything too! Damn it annoyed me. Maybe the R2 and L2 buttons come into play? Square does nothing, and it works with the two codes we have. Since the R2 and L2 buttons don't have any noticeable affect, it might be that they work for the Chi Blocker costume code. Nikelodeon said they gave that code out at whatever con they were at. So yeah, all this is annoying and better be worth it.

EDIT: The plot thickens. While Nick said they were giving out codes at their booth in their twitter post, two people replied that Nick denied having the codes at said booth, and no codes were ever given out.

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