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All Female Team Insignia, wanna trade?

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Hi, guys i need your help, right now im playing MGS PEACE WALKER to get all 84 insignias , this insignia is buggin me and i want to get it before i continue with the other things , because i dont want to have 350 females when i finish everything, the fastest way i discover to do this is Main Ops 21 Head for Peace Walker's Hangar, there are 2 female pow's , the mission can be done in less tan 2 minutes just using 3 smoke grenades and thats it. No weapons usages e5019754.gif .
And if you guys wanna help me out trading your females soldier's ill be thankul forever , dont worry if you like your characters i can give it back to you after i have the insignia and the TRADE only took like 5 minutes of your time.
Thank you guys
Sorry about my bad english e5001188.gif
If you are starting PEACE WALKER i can give you a looot of 5 Rank ítems to help you , plus the male soldier on the trade.


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