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Speed Run (The Quick and the Dead) Times

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I just finished my no upgrade speed run and figured I posted my times for a reference to anyone calculating their chapters to see how they're fairing.  First and foremost I don't recommend doing what I just did and combining the two.  I can't believe how close it was in the end.  I blew through the first part of the game, and was putting up times better than people with upgrades/more notably sprint.  I was beyond efficient.    But when the difficulty spikes at the end of the game and some of the set pieces that require dealing with enemies, it held me up more than I anticipated.   I wish this was a special challenge/trophy to be honest... This really wasn't that easy towards the end with the time ticking down.


I couldn't talk myself into a new game plus for the speed run, with the brass knuckles or all my other shit.  It would've been way to easy.  And well, that's not how I roll. The last chapter kicked my ass.   Here are my times below.  A little heads up, the times are how the saves appear.  Down to the second for ya'll.  :pimp:


Chapter 2: 0:12:22


Chapter 3: 0:21:24


Chapter 4: 0:31:02


Chapter 5: 0:40:29


Chapter 6: 1:05:20


Chapter 7: 1:37:34


Chapter 8: 1:56:01


Chapter 9: 2:05:42


Chapter 10: 2:24:34


Chapter 11: 2:51:24


Chapter 12: 3:21:50


Chapter 13: 3:33:54


Chapter 14: 3:48:10


Chapter 15: 4:07:55


End of Game: 4hrs 51min 11sec


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That is quite good. I just completed the game in 4:57:09 and 5 deaths. 3 minutes late I will bite my own lips. Now I am going to take it slow to upgrade all my weapons and therefore my platinum trophy. B)


OveralI, I like The Evil Within. Hope there will be many survival horror games for PS4 generation. I am still mad at video game right now when there are too few survival horror genre for my PS3. My beloved Resident Evil series becomes a slave of Call of Duty while Silent Hill series lost its charm. Indie horror games mostly rely on cheap stupid jump scares. :|


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Thanks buddy.  The more I think back about this run here I had, the more I'm kind of proud of it.


 I wholeheartley agree with a lot of what you said in the latter portion of your statement about horror games in general.  I went back to outlast probably a week ago, literally tried to give it a proper go and I simply had to just shut it off.  I won't go into details, as it would be me beating a dead horse.


I was reading in the evil within forum on and people actually brought up this proposition of doing a no upgrade speed run (like i did here) I've notice a few comments not thinking it's possible.  : P  I love it... 


And I like the fact, that while i get no additional credit for doing what i did, I'm more pround about my akumu, and obviously my speed/no upgrade run compared to their plats.  I'll get it in no time, but I'm not in a rush like everyone else.   Lets face it, the speed run isn't exactly challenging, unless you make it challenging, and that's what I decided to do.  Those later chapters do add up very quickly though.


Also: I remember upon completion above... It had 12 recorded deaths for me.  So i must of done a poor job in reloading my saves at one point.  They were probably pretty quick deaths though, but still.  It can definitely be done, and it can definitely be done faster.  Good luck to all and good night.


Super late edittron:  I see this is a challenge just about no one has thought up to try/actually did it.  : P  i spent like 20 mintues one day out of curiousity looking at some of peope that completed ether A. the quick and the dead and B. It is what is and NOT ONE person when for the combo!   Chutch.

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Chapter 1 missed to write down

Chapter 2 missed to write down

Chapter 3 00:26:13
Chapter 4 00:33:08
Chapter 5 missed to write down
Chapter 6 01:22:55
Chapter 7 01:39:57
Chapter 8 01:45:18
Chapter 9 02:01:58
Chapter 10 02:23:18
Chapter 11 02:47:22
Chapter 12 02:58:42
Chapter 13 03:11:43
Chapter 14 03:31:50
Chapter 15 04:00:20


missed chapter 1, 2 and 5 sadly...


almost got it under 4hrs. B)

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~ 4h20 for me, just because i was fear to dont have ammo in the end, so i played safe before :( 


And i didnt do it in new +. Just new game without boost for other trophy.


I think u can do it in ~ 3h30 with new + game.


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~ 4h31m


I have done it in new game +, with almost fully upgraded Sebastien...I say almost since I did fully upgraded him eventually so that time of 4 and half hours also includes two time sitting in the chair in saving room....I did that while game forced me to go into that room and not traveling there on my own, so use that if you are in similar situation.


It was a nice break to run through game with all those upgrades and kick the shit out of those zombies...which gave me pretty hard time on my first run on survival difficulty without any upgrades!


During my speedrun I also took time to collect 4-5 collectibles items which I have missed on my first playthorugh as well as to collect maybe half of available green gel throughout the it can be definitely doable around in 4 hours, but watching a video guide can be also helpful if you don`t remember what to do at some point during the game`s 15 chapters.


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Just completed this in 4:07:06 with 1 death. Fully upgraded on casual NG+. Now all I have left is Akumu...not looking forward to it!


Chapter 1- 13:05

Chapter 2- 21:14

Chapter 3- 27:49

Chapter 4- 36:13

Chapter 5- 55:22

Chapter 6- 1:27:05

Chapter 7- 1:44:51

Chapter 8- 1:50:52

Chapter 9- 2:06:52

Chapter 10- 2:32:43

Chapter 11- 2:57:56

Chapter 12- 3:10:32

Chapter 13- 3:25:06

Chapter 14- 3:41:28

End of Game- 4:07:06


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My run 


Chapter 1- 11:58

Chapter 2- 19:09

Chapter 3- 23:20

Chapter 4- 30:07

Chapter 5- 46:32

Chapter 6- 1:08:43

Chapter 7- 1:16:55

Chapter 8- 1:21:42

Chapter 9- 1:34:45

Chapter 10- 1:49:59

Chapter 11- 2:09:11

Chapter 12- 2:20:26

Chapter 13- 2:29:33

Chapter 14- 2:43:24

End of Game- 3:08:46


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Just finished my speedrun (had to play it on Survival NG+ as my progress was lost :c )

Ended the game with 3:13 with 12 deaths (purely because was trying to save as much ammunition as possible, shame because ended up having too much ammo)

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