Gaming Sessions - The Ultimate Wishlist

By BlindMango in New Features & Updates,
This is the to-do list for additions people want for Gaming Sessions here on the site. If you're looking to recommend something, make sure it's not already on the list below. A couple things were added during the December 2016 site update and are now crossed out in green, other things on the list are planned to be added as well in the future.
Major additions suggested: User Reputation System for Sessions (Being Tested) Notify me when sessions for games I'm interested in are created Ability to quickly compare all individual trophies among users in the session Editing, Copying, and Saving Session formats/layouts   Minor/easy additions suggested: Ability to filter out games that I've 100% Completed Add (country) flags/timezones under all usernames in the sidebar Ability for host to update Session Initial Notes Update number of earned trophies of people in the group in the sidebar to reflect their updated profile (Maybe auto-update users every hour for 5 hours after session starts too) Ability to delete (leave) completed sessions/Toggle length of completed sessions showing up at the top of the page Allow an organized "backup gamer" list under the main "gamers in session" list for instances in case people don't show up. Passive (Relaxed) identifiers/settings to point out gaming sessions for people with kids, etc... The website needs to prevent accidental "Double Postings" of the same Gaming Session Allow selectable notification times for when to notify me about a gaming session, maybe add more kinds of notifications (forums, app, etc) Add an "Any Time" time slot as a way to accommodate the people that usually post "ignore time and date" in their notes Ability for the host to specify exactly which console the session is on if the game is a multi-console list. When creating a gaming session, list what console the game is on in the drop-down menu and maybe even the game ID (for situations like owning all 6 versions of Sound Shapes) Get notified when a session you're a part of is deleted before it starts Get notifications (email, forum) on when a session is made for a certain game  
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